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      Targeted Enrichment and Sequencing of Recent Endosymbiont-Host Lateral Gene Transfers [1]
      Targeting the Late Stage of HIV-1 Entry for Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity: Structural Basis for Env Epitopes in the C11 Region [1]
      Technical and scale efficiency in the delivery of child health services in Zambia: Results from data envelopment analysis [1]
      The temporal pattern, flux, and function of autophagy in spinal cord injury [1]
      Temporal variations in cigarette tobacco bacterial community composition and tobacco-specific nitrosamine content are influenced by brand and storage conditions [1]
      Thalamotomy for essential tremor: FDA approval brings brain treatment with FUS to the clinic [1]
      Theory and Fact: Revisiting Association and Causation [1]
      Things We Do For No Reason: Against Medical Advice Discharges [1]
      Thomas Hanlon [1]
      Tick humoral responses: Marching to the beat of a different drummer [1]
      Time to go back to the original name [1]
      Toward a targeted treatment for addiction [1]
      Toxicity and quality of life report of a phase II study of stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for low and intermediate risk prostate cancer [1]
      Transcellular Nanoalignment of Synaptic Function [1]
      Transcriptional variation of diverse enteropathogenic Escherichia coli isolates under virulence-inducing conditions [1]
      Transcriptome analysis of core dinoflagellates reveals a universal bias towards "GC" rich codons [1]
      Transforming concepts into clinical trials and creating a multisite network: The Leadership and Operations Center of the Antibacterial Resistance Leadership Group [1]
      Transgenic mice with ectopic expression of constitutively active TLR4 in adipose tissues do not show impaired insulin sensitivity [1]
      Transglutaminase 2 is a direct target gene of YAP-TAZ - Response [1]
      Transmission of resistant Gram-negative bacteria to health care worker gowns and gloves during care of nursing home residents in Veterans Affairs community living centers [1]