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      Sacral Fractures and Associated Injuries [1]
      Salutary effects of glibenclamide during the chronic phase of murine experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis [1]
      Secondary Structure Preferences of the Anthrax Toxin Protective Antigen Translocase [1]
      Seed-in-soil: Pancreatic cancer influenced by tumor microenvironment [1]
      Select physical performance measures and driving outcomes in older adults [1]
      Selecting sequence variants to improve genomic predictions for dairy cattle [1]
      Sexual dimorphism in the inflammatory response to traumatic brain injury [1]
      Shared polymorphisms and modifiable behavior factors for myocardial infarction and high cholesterol in a retrospective population study [1]
      Shigella infection in children and adults: a formidable foe [1]
      Single session of functional electrical stimulation-assisted walking produces corticomotor symmetry changes related to changes in poststroke walking mechanics [1]
      SIRT1 is a positive regulator of the master osteoblast transcription factor, RUNX2 [1]
      Small for gestational age: Case definition & guidelines for data collection, analysis, and presentation of maternal immunisation safety data [1]
      Sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir for the Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus in Patients Coinfected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1: An Open-Label, Phase 3 Study [1]
      Special section guest editorial: Brain mapping and therapeutics [1]
      Status of cardiovascular PET radiation exposure and strategies for reduction: An Information Statement from the Cardiovascular PET Task Force [1]
      Stem cell transplantation for peripheral nerve regeneration: Current options and opportunities [1]
      Sublaminar subdivision of mouse auditory cortex layer 2/3 based on functional translaminar connections [1]
      Subplate neurons are the first cortical neurons to respond to sensory stimuli [1]
      Sulforaphane suppresses PRMT5/MEP50 function in epidermal squamous cell carcinoma leading to reduced tumor formation [1]
      A Summer Health Program for African-American High School Students in Baltimore, Maryland: Community Partnership for Integrative Health [1]