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      Data Descriptor: Sequence data and association statistics from 12,940 type 2 diabetes cases and controls [1]
      Deconstructing the relative benefits of a universal glove and gown intervention on MRSA acquisition [1]
      Decreased nucleus accumbens expression of psychiatric disorder risk gene Cacna1c promotes susceptibility to social stress [1]
      A Deep Proteome Analysis Identifies the Complete Secretome as the Functional Unit of Human Cardiac Progenitor Cells [1]
      Deep sequencing of the TCR‐β repertoire of human forkhead box protein 3 (FoxP3)+and foxp3-T cells suggests that they are completely distinct and non-overlapping [1]
      Demographic, lifestyle, and other factors in relation to antimüllerian hormone levels in mostly late premenopausal women [1]
      Departure from Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium and genotyping error [1]
      Description of Antihypertensive Medication Use in a Pediatric Practice: Single and Multiple Antihypertensive Medication Therapy [1]
      Design of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evaluation of Mineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonism in Diabetic Atherosclerosis (MAGMA) Trial [1]
      Developing and evaluating a flexible wireless microcoil array based integrated interface for epidural cortical stimulation [1]
      Developmental Interactive Framework for Psychotic Disorders [1]
      Developmental neurotoxicity of the organophosphorus insecticide chlorpyrifos: from clinical findings to preclinical models and potential mechanisms [1]
      Devices for preventing percutaneous exposure injuries caused by needles in healthcare personnel [1]
      Diabetes type 2 management: what are the differences between DPP-4 inhibitors and how do you choose? [1]
      Differentiation of idiopathic spinal cord herniation from dorsal arachnoid webs on MRI and CT myelography [1]
      Digital blinding of radiographs to mask allocation in a randomized control trial [1]
      Dissection of additive, dominance, and imprinting effects for production and reproduction traits in Holstein cattle [1]
      Distinct Translaminar Glutamatergic Circuits to GABAergic Interneurons in the Neonatal Auditory Cortex [1]
      Distinguishing Active Vasculitis From Sterile Inflammation and Graft Infection: A Call for a More Specific Imaging Target [1]
      Distinguishing potential bacteria-tumor associations from contamination in a secondary data analysis of public cancer genome sequence data [1]