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      A 19 F magnetic resonance imaging-based diagnostic test for bile acid diarrhea [1]
      2018 American College of Rheumatology/National Psoriasis Foundation Guideline for the Treatment of Psoriatic Arthritis [1]
      40 years of the human T-cell leukemia virus: past, present, and future [1]
      Accelerating Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine Introduction: What Can Be Learned From Prior New Vaccine Introduction Initiatives? [1]
      Activation of the Rostral Intralaminar Thalamus Drives Reinforcement through Striatal Dopamine Release [1]
      Acute drivers of neuroinflammation in traumatic brain injury [1]
      Adaptation of the Drug and Drug Problems Perception Questionnaire to assess healthcare provider attitudes toward adolescent substance use [1]
      Advocating for the Health Worker [1]
      ALDH1A1 regulates postsynaptic μ–opioid receptor expression in dorsal striatal projection neurons and mitigates dyskinesia through transsynaptic retinoic acid signaling [1]
      Altered Forebrain Functional Connectivity and Neurotransmission in a Kinase-Inactive Met Mouse Model of Autism [1]
      Altered glial glutamate transporter expression in descending circuitry and the emergence of pain chronicity [1]
      Amino alkynylisoquinoline and alkynylnaphthyridine compounds potently inhibit acute myeloid leukemia proliferation in mice [1]
      Analysis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm membrane vesicles supports multiple mechanisms of biogenesis [1]
      Androgen receptor expression reduces stemness characteristics of prostate cancer cells (PC3) by repression of CD44 and SOX2 [1]
      Annotation of gene product function from high-throughput studies using the Gene Ontology [1]
      Are injured workers with higher rehabilitation service utilization less likely to be persistent opioid users? A cross-sectional study [1]
      An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Detect Visual Field Progression in Glaucoma Based on Spatial Pattern Analysis [1]
      Assessing the Impact of a Vi-polysaccharide Conjugate Vaccine in Preventing Typhoid Infections Among Nepalese Children: A Protocol for a Phase III, Randomized Control Trial [1]
      Assessment of Machine Learning vs Standard Prediction Rules for Predicting Hospital Readmissions [1]
      The assessment of resistance to antidepressant treatment: Rationale for the Antidepressant Treatment History Form: Short Form (ATHF-SF) [1]