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      The Y-located proto-oncogene TSPY exacerbates and its X-homologue TSPX inhibits transactivation functions of androgen receptor and its constitutively active variants [1]
      YAP1-mediated suppression of USP31 enhances NFkB activity to promote sarcomagenesis [1]
      The Year 2020 in Review at ASTRO's Advances [1]
      Yeast based small molecule screen for inhibitors of SARS-CoV [1]
      A yeast suppressor screen used to identify mammalian SIRT1 as a proviral factor for middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus replication [1]
      Yes, we do need to demonstrate the survival advantage of pancreas after kidney transplantation [1]
      'You want to deal with power while riding on power': global perspectives on power in participatory health research and co-production approaches [1]
      You're only as old as you feel: Age is not just a number. [1]
      YRDC Mediates the Resistance of Lenvatinib in Hepatocarcinoma Cells via Modulating the Translation of KRAS [1]
      Zebrafish as a Model System for the Study of Severe CaV2.1 (α1A) Channelopathies [1]
      Zika virus: Recent advances towards the development of vaccines and therapeutics [1]
      Zinc deficiency associated with anaemia among young children in rural Guatemala [1]
      ZOOMICS: Comparative Metabolomics of Red Blood Cells From Old World Monkeys and Humans [1]
      ZRANB3 is an African-specific type 2 diabetes locus associated with beta-cell mass and insulin response [1]
      ZSCAN4 facilitates chromatin remodeling and promotes the cancer stem cell phenotype [1]
      ZSCAN4 is negatively regulated by the ubiquitin-proteasome system and the E3 ubiquitin ligase RNF20 [1]
      µ-Crystallin: A thyroid hormone binding protein [1]
      α-Endosulfine (ARPP-19e) Expression in a Rat Model of Stroke [1]
      β2-Adrenergic receptor activation on donor cells ameliorates acute GvHD [1]
      μ-Crystallin in Mouse Skeletal Muscle Promotes a Shift from Glycolytic toward Oxidative Metabolism [1]