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      Qualitative study of comprehension of heritability in genomics studies among the Yoruba in Nigeria [1]
      Quality assurance guidelines for interstitial hyperthermia [1]
      Quality Improvement Amid a Global Pandemic: A Virtual Curriculum for Medical Students in the Time of COVID-19 [1]
      A Quality Improvement Project to Improve Evidence-Based Inhaled Nitric Oxide Use [1]
      Quality of Drug in Health Facilities: A Cross-sectional Study. [1]
      Quantification of polysaccharides fixed to Gram stained slides using lactophenol cotton blue and digital image processing [1]
      Quantifying topography-guided actin dynamics across scales using optical flow [1]
      Quantitation and predictors of short-term mortality following extrapleural pneumonectomy, pleurectomy/decortication, and nonoperative management for malignant pleural mesothelioma [1]
      Quantitation of the Noncovalent Cellular Retinol-Binding Protein, Type 1 Complex Through Native Mass Spectrometry [1]
      Quantitative analysis of intermuscular septa in the leg: Implications for trauma surgery [1]
      Quantitative immunomorphological analysis of heat shock proteins in thyroid follicular adenoma and carcinoma tissues reveals their potential for differential diagnosis and points to a role in carcinogenesis [1]
      Quantitative mobility measures complement the MDS-UPDRS for characterization of Parkinson's disease heterogeneity [1]
      Quantitative modeling predicts mechanistic links between pre-treatment microbiome composition and metronidazole efficacy in bacterial vaginosis [1]
      Quantitative PET Myocardial Blood Flow: "Trust, But Verify" [1]
      Quantitative tests reveal that microtubules tune the healthy heart but underlie arrhythmias in pathology [1]
      Quantitatively relating brain endothelial cell-cell junction phenotype to global and local barrier properties under varied culture conditions via the Junction Analyzer Program [1]
      (R,S)-ketamine and (2R,6R)-hydroxynorketamine differentially affect memory as a function of dosing frequency [1]
      Race and other sociodemographic categories are differentially linked to multiple dimensions of interpersonal-level discrimination: Implications for intersectional, health research [1]
      Race Differences in High-Grade Carotid Artery Stenosis [1]
      Race or genetic makeup for hepatitis C virus treatment decisions? [1]