• Primary care physician perspectives on barriers and facilitators to self-management of type 2 diabetes

      Khairnar, R.; Kamal, K.M.; Giannetti, V. (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2019)
      Objectives: To assess physician perspectives on perceived barriers and facilitators to type 2 diabetes self-management (DSM) in a primary care setting. Methods: The study utilized survey methodology to measure perspectives of primary care physicians on DSM and the challenges they face in managing patients with poor glycaemic stability. Demographic and practice site-related information of the physicians were also collected. Key findings: Of the 21 physicians who responded (53.8% response rate), 71.2% were aged 50 years or older, 54.2% had ?25 years of clinical experience, and 50% practiced in an urban setting. The physicians examined 5-60 patients with type 2 diabetes per week (mean = 20), and over 75% of them spent <20 min on face-to-face visits. Approximately, 95% of physicians considered self-care activities such as regular moderate exercise, following a recommended diet, regular blood glucose testing, proper insulin administration and adherence to oral medication as extremely important. Practice-related aspects such as patient-physician communication, patient health literacy and patient follow-up were unanimously considered extremely important, and performance on these measures was rated positively. Interestingly, 66% of physicians felt responsible to some extent for their patient's failure to reach type 2 DSM goals. Physician perceived barriers that contributed to clinical inertia included cost of medications, lack of patient motivation and knowledge, non-compliance with diet and medications, polypharmacy and lack of time and social support. Conclusions: The study results underscore the importance of DSM in the overall management of type 2 diabetes. Addressing the challenges faced by physicians may result in better self-management and improved clinical outcomes in type 2 diabetes population. Copyright 2018 Royal Pharmaceutical Society