• Interactive exploratory data analysis of Integrative Human Microbiome Project data using Metaviz

      Wagner, Justin; Kancherla, Jayaram; Braccia, Domenick; Matsumara, James; Felix, Victor; Crabtree, Jonathan; Mahurkar, Anup; Corrada Bravo, Héctor (F1000 Research Ltd, 2020-06-12)
      The rich data produced by the second phase of the Human Microbiome Project (iHMP) offers a unique opportunity to test hypotheses that interactions between microbial communities and a human host might impact an individual's health or disease status. In this work we describe infrastructure that integrates Metaviz, an interactive microbiome data analysis and visualization tool, with the iHMP Data Coordination Center web portal and the HMP2Data R/Bioconductor package. We describe integrative statistical and visual analyses of two datasets from iHMP using Metaviz along with the metagenomeSeq R/Bioconductor package for statistical analysis of differential abundance analysis. These use cases demonstrate the utility of a combined approach to access and analyze data from this resource. © 2020 Wagner J et al.