• Walk the Line-The Importance of Well-Informed Interpretation of QT Prolongation.

      Noel, Zachary R; See, Vincent Y; Flannery, Alexander H (SAGE Publications Inc., 2020-06-13)
      Acute care pharmacists play an integral role in identifying drug-drug interactions that may predispose patients to QT prolongation. Although most pharmacists are equipped with a baseline understanding of drug interactions and the risks of QTc prolongation, few understand the limitations of QTc calculation and interpretation. In this commentary, we put forth the notion that at times health care providers, including pharmacists, place an overemphasis on the QTc interval. In the context of using the QTc to guide pharmacotherapy decisions, unintended consequences may include a cascade of effects leading to delays in treatment, suboptimal medication selection, alert fatigue, and overutilization of resources.