• Exploring Screened Out Reports of Child Abuse and Neglect in Maryland

      DePanfilis, Diane (2003)
      As an effort to explore the degree to which screening practices and decision are consistent with state policies (DHR, 1996), a collaborative evaluation was undertaken by the Department of Human Resources (DHR) Social Services Administration (SSA), the State Council on Child Abuse and Neglect (SCCAN), and the University of Maryland Center for Families (UMCFF). Each of 24 local Maryland jurisdictions were asked to submit copies of all referrals received in their jurisdiction during one month in 2001. Twenty-three jurisdictions submitted copies of their screened out referrals for May 2001 and Baltimore City Department of Social Services submitted all screened out referrals for November 2001. Data regarding the number of investigated CPS reports each jurisdiction received during those same months were also collected from the state wide Client Information System (CIS). IN all, 5,023 referrals were received by CPS agencies during the one-month study period and 1,811 referrals were screened out (an average of 36%). Findings of the study indicate that most of the time (82%), the correct screening decision was made.