• Professional Education for Child Welfare Practice: Improving Retention In Public Child Welfare Agencies

      Zlotnik, Joan Levy; DePanfilis, Diane; Daining, Clara; McDermott Lane, Melissa (2005-07)
      A recent systematic review of research and outcome studies was undertaken by the Institute for the Advancement of Social Work Research (IASWR) in collaboration with the University of Maryland School of Social Work to answer the question: What conditions (personal and organizational factors) and strategies influence the retention of staff in public child welfare agencies? Of the 154 studies and reports found, 25 research studies specifically focused on child welfare populations and examined retention as the dependent variable. Of those research reports, seven focused on a specific strategy – Title IV-E Education for Child Welfare Practice — in examining retention outcomes. This Brief provides information about the Title IV-E Education for Child Welfare Practice program and examines the findings of those seven studies. This can both inform the field about the outcomes of Title IV-E supported educational opportunities as well as effective retention strategies.