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dc.descriptionDissertations (D.D.S.), Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, 1947.en_US
dc.descriptionThis record describes the content of 1947 part 3 of 3 (Lee-Yerger).en_US
dc.descriptionAvailable in print only in closed stacks at the Health Sciences and Human Services Library.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsThis volume contains the following manuscripts described as Senior Thesis presented to the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery for the Degree of “Doctor of Dental Surgery”: Postoperative hemorrhage in exodontia / by Lee, Edward B. ; Halitosis its etiology and treatment / by Lombardi, Angelo Rocco ; Root resection of upper anterior teeth / by Londeree, Stuart Raymond ; Design of bards, saddles and clasp in partial construction / by McCall, Francis Marion ; Oral odors Their causes and treatment of some of them by the dentist / by Mohn, Robert Lawrence ; Oral surgery to facilitate prosthodontics / by Nathans, Lee Colin ; The general and oral manifestations of the more prevalent blood dyscrasias / by Nielsen, Revere Arthur ; Trigeminal neuralgia / by Olive, Clarence Sedberry ; Diseased conditions of the salivary glands / by Posner, Robert Paul ; Diseases of the maxillary sinus / by Rapoport, Leonard ; The problem of painless dentistry and its practical solution / by Roth, William Keen ; Habits as factors in malocclusion / by Schaeffer, Aaron ; Syphilis in and about the oral cavity / by Schwartz, Aaron ; Drugs used in pain control in dentistry and their application / by Seifert, Walter J. ; Blood dyscrasias Their oral manifestations and relations to dentistry / by Sikes, Thomas Edgar Jr. ; Periodontal pocket therapy / by Smith, William Bryce ; Control of dental pain on operative procedures (non-pharmacologic) aspects / by Soltys, Mitchell Michael ; Differential diagnosis of the oral manifestations of syphilis and tuberculosis / by Stamp, Marsden Frederick ; Clasps for partial dentures / by Steinhof, Edward Joseph ; The devitalization and filling of the canal in root canal therapy / by Talbott, William Medford ; Intra-oral reductions of mandibular fractures / by Traylor, Jack Richard ; Toxicity of local anesthetics on goldfish / by Vanden Bosche, Edmond Gaston ; Treatment of mandibular factures / by Vila Santana, Jorge ; Diagnosis of odontogenic tumors / by Yerger, Howard Charles III.en_US
dc.subjectUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore. School of Dentistryen_US
dc.subjectDoctor of Dental Surgeryen_US
dc.subjectUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore. Dental School, Baltimore College of Dental Surgeryen_US
dc.subjectdental surgeryen_US
dc.subject.lcshBaltimore College of Dental Surgery--Dissertationsen_US
dc.subject.meshSurgery, Oralen_US
dc.subject.meshMouth Diseasesen_US
dc.subject.meshMandibular Fracturesen_US
dc.titleBaltimore College of Dental Surgery, Dental School, University of Maryland Theses 1947 (Part 3)en_US
dc.description.urinameFull Texten_US

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