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dc.descriptionDissertations (M.D.), University of Maryland (1812-1920), School of Medicine, 1833-1834.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsThis volume contains the following manuscripts described as either an Inaugural Dissertation or an Inaugural Essay presented to the University of Maryland for the Degree of "Doctor of Medicine" or "Doctor of Physic": Arachnitis or Inflammation of the Arachnoid Membrane / by Johnson, Edward 1833; Rheumatism / by Butler, Francis 1834; Bilious Remittent Fever / by Boteler, John T. 1834?; Epilepsy / by Ashton, Charles L. 1834; Apoplexy / by Rowland, William B. 1834; Cholera Infantum / by Robertson, George J. 1834; Apoplexy / by Brown, John H. 1834; Cellular Tissue / by Muse, James A. 1834; The Importance of Legislative Enactments for the Suppression of Empirism / by Tyson, A. H. 1834; Pathology, Cause and Treatment of Dyspepsia / by Stanton, William 1834; Epilepsy / by Ghiselin, William 1834; Are There Such Agents as Miasmata Which Acting on the System Produce Bilious Fever? / by McGill, Thomas J. 1834; The Reciprocal Influence of Mind and Body / by Rose, William R. 1834; Scarlet Fever / by Author Unknown 18uu; Chronic Enteritis / by Garlick, Theodatus 1834; Therapeutics / by John F. Leigh 1834; Chronic Diseases of the Nervous System / by Cabell, John L. 1834; Lepra Tuberculosa / by Carr, Samuel John 1834; Purgatives: Their Properties, Uses and Effects as Medicines and Remedial Means / by Brown, Catesby G. 1834; Menorrhagia / by Hutchins, Nicholas 1834; Cholera Spasmodica / by Wilson, Josiah N. 1834; Hydrocyanic Acid / by Frampton, Lingard H. 1834; Eupatorium Perfoliatum / by Power, James 1834; De Concoctione / by Sams, Carleton C. 1834. Some manuscripts in Latin and French.en_US
dc.language.isoen_US; lat; freen_US
dc.subjectUniversity of Maryland School of Medicine--Dissertationsen_US
dc.subjectDoctor of Medicineen_US
dc.titleUniversity of Maryland Theses 1833-1834 (a)en_US
dc.title.alternativeUniv. of Marylnd Theses 1833 (on spine)en_US

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