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dc.descriptionDissertations (D.D.S.), Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, 1936.en_US
dc.descriptionThis record describes the content of two separate bound volumes.en_US
dc.descriptionAvailable in print only in closed stacks at the Health Sciences and Human Services Library.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsThese volumes contain the following manuscripts described as Senior Thesis presented to the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery for the Degree of “Doctor of Dental Surgery." Part 1: Anatomy of the Mandibular Joint and the Active Movements of the Condyle in Relation to Orthodontic Treatment / by DiGristine, Michael J. ; Asepsis in Dentistry / by Brodie, Leo ; At What Age of Development is it Best to Institute Orthodontic Treatment? / by Friedman, Samuel ; Benign Tumors of the Oral Cavity / by Sabloff, Herbert ; Bio-Mechanical Features in Dental Work / by Kuta, Bruno L. ; Ceramics in Dentistry / by Johnston, Samuel B., III ; The Chemistry of Anesthetics / by Tarant, Leonard J. ; Chemotherapeutics / by Greenberg, Alvin A. ; A Comparative Study of the Various Materials for Making Dentures / by Milobsky, Louis ; Complications Following Exodontia / by Switzer, John R., Jr. ; Decline of Human Dentition / by Schwartz, Daniel D. ; Dental Caries, its Prevalence, Cause and Control / by Tully, Edward A. ; Dental Health Education / by Wien, Robert ; Dental Medicine / by Walker, James A. ; Development and Effect of the Superior Maxillary Frenum, also its Surgical Removal / by Bonante, John A. ; Diet and its Influence on Dentition from Prenatal Life to Adolescence / by Andreorio, Patrick L. ; Diet-Caries, Their Interrelationship / by Trupp, Garrison ; Diet in Relation to Caries / by Walsh, William T. ; A Discussion of Various Bridge Attachments and Their Indication / by Baylin, George J. ; The Education of the Dental Student / by Seyfert, Ernest G. ; Effect of Civilization on the Masticatory Mechanism / by McCauley, Henry B. ; Effect of the Forces of Occlusion in Relation to Orthodontic Treatment / by Rogler, Wesley E. ; Elements of Bacteriology of Practical Value in Dentistry / by Hernandez, Alvaro Z. ; Etiology and Treatment of Periclasia / by Donohue, Terrence D. ; The Etiology, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prognosis of Vincent’s Infection / by Myers, Norman F. ; Fixed versus Removable Bridgeworks / by Evans, Marvin L. ; Fractures of Jaws and Treatment / by Leahy, Roland P. ; General Anesthesia in Dentistry / by Brotman, I. Norton ; Gold Foil / by Lacher, H. Arthur ; Gold Foil Manipulation / by Hunter, Donald S. ; Gold Foil versus Inlay / by Levinson, Louis ; History and Advance of Organized Dentistry / by Muller, Frank ; Habits and their Effect in Relation to Orthodontia / by Kress, William ; History and Development of Root Canal Therapy / by Hawley, Carlotta A. ; A History of Dentistry / by Klotz, Otto G. ; History of Prosthetics / by Arends, Theodore G. Part 2: Hypersensitive Dentine-Cause and Treatment / by Carrill, Howard A. ; Immediate Dentures / by Mitten, Harry W., II ; Importance of Contact Points in Dental Restoration / by Corbin, Lance ; Indications for Orthodontia Intervention / by Niebergall, Gerald M. ; Local Anesthesia in Dentistry / by Cronin, John W. ; The Maxillary Sinus and its Relation to Dental and Oral Operations / by Dionne, Eugene J. ; Metal Base Dentures / by Kreshtool, Louis ; Mouth Examination for Full Denture Patients / by Horowitz, Morris ; Myology in Denture Construction / by Kaufman, Vernon D. ; Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Anesthesia in Dentistry / by Inman, Wallace B. ; Oral Focal Infection / by Paskell, Ray S. ; Oral Hygiene and its Relation to Dental Caries / by Fischer, William A. ; Oral Manifestations of Systemic Disease / by Shackelford, J. Hinton ; Oral Manifestations of Systemic Disease / by Goldberg, Solomon ; Orthodontia and Endocrenology / by Centanni, Alfonse G. ; Orthodontia and Facial Growth / by Hodges, Ralph W. ; Periapical and Periodontal Abscesses / by Metz, Joseph F., Jr. ; Periodontia as a Really Valuable Adjunct to the General Practice of Dentistry / by Nelson, Walter J. ; The Place of Vitamins in Dentistry / by Shapiro, Abe A. ; Pregnancy and its Relation to the Teeth of the Mother and Foetus / by Hanik, Samuel ; Present Status of Dental Education in America / by Schoenbrun, Alexander ; Preventive Dentistry / by Rosen, Harold ; Preventive Dentistry for Children / by Levy, Meyer L. ; Relation of Impacted and Unerupted Teeth to General Systemic Disorders / by Brown, Herbert S. ; Relation of the Endocrine Glands to Dental Disorders / by Harris, Lawrence ; Relation of the Periodontium to Systemic Disease / by Impresa, Michael ; Relationship Between Dental Sepsis and Ocular Disease / by Weinstein, Herbert M. ; Root Resection, its Indications, Technic and Prognosis / by Hampson, Robert E. ; Rubber Dam / by Racicot, Ralph R. ; Should Orthodontia be Included in the Practice of General Dentistry? / by Decesare, William F. ; Silicates in Operative Dentistry / by Blanchard, Kenneth E. ; A Study of the Chemical Constituents of Saliva with Special Regard to the Health of Structures in the Oral Cavity / by Glaser, Isadore ; Study of Unerupted and Impacted Teeth, Indications, and Contra-Indications for Removal / by Meyer, Everett N. ; Technic and Principles Involved in Taking the Bite in Full Denture Construction / by Riddlesberger, Merchline M. ; Technic of Removal of Embedded Teeth / by Buppert, Stuart G. ; Transillumination, as Related to Oral Diagnosis / by Myers, J. Richard ; Treatment of Oral Neoplasms / by Shipman, Lewis H. ; True Ankylosis of the Temporo-Mandibular Joint / by Cooper, H. Milton ; Use of Drugs in Dentistry / by Orman, Herbert ; Use of Drugs in Dentistry / by Tyburski, Francis C. ; Use of Silver Amalgam as a Filling Material, Its History and Progress / by Silverman, Edward ; Value of Early Diagnosis in Orthodontia / by Sullivan, William F. ; Value of the X-Ray in Diagnosis / by Jerome, Bernard ; What About Surgical Retention for Dentures / by Corthouts, James L. ; Zinc Phosphate Cements / by Philpot, William C., Jr.en_US
dc.subjectUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore. School of Dentistryen_US
dc.subjectDoctor of Dental Surgeryen_US
dc.subjectUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore. Dental School, Baltimore College of Dental Surgeryen_US
dc.subjectdental surgeryen_US
dc.subject.lcshBaltimore College of Dental Surgery--Dissertationsen_US
dc.subject.meshSurgery, Oralen_US
dc.subject.meshDental Cariesen_US
dc.subject.meshPediatric Dentistryen_US
dc.subject.meshDental Restoration, Permanenten_US
dc.subject.meshTooth Diseasesen_US
dc.subject.meshMouth Diseasesen_US
dc.titleBaltimore College of Dental Surgery, Dental School, University of Maryland Theses 1936 (Parts 1 and 2)en_US
dc.description.urinameFull Texten_US

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