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dc.descriptionDissertations (D.D.S.), Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, 1933.en_US
dc.descriptionThis record describes the content of two separate bound volumes.
dc.descriptionAvailable in print only in closed stacks at the Health Sciences and Human Services Library.
dc.description.tableofcontentsThese volumes contain the following manuscripts described as Senior Thesis presented to the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery for the Degree of “Doctor of Dental Surgery." Part 1: Acute Aveolar Abscess / by Krasnow, George ; Advertising in Dentistry / by Fruchtbaum, David P. ; Alveolectomy and the Denture / by Duryea, David H. ; Amalgam As a Filling Material / by Eskow, Jack M. ; Attachments for Fixed Bridgework / by Willer, David H. ; Bacteriology of Vincent’s Infection / by Wheeler, Arthur S. ; Biological Concept of Partial Prosthesis as Compared with Fixed Bridgework That Complies With It / by Kocis, Joseph S., Jr. ; Burs versus Hand Instruments / by Brownell, Dudley C. ; Cast Gold Inlay Technic-Direct and Indirect / by Kaplan, Irving ; Ceramics in Dentistry / by Chesterfield, W. Burton ; Certain Points of Dental Education Which Might Easily Be Improved / by Ortiz, Jose Aurelio ; Childhood Diseases and Their Effect on Teeth and Jaws / by Block, Philip L. ; Children’s Dentistry Our Best Approach to Preventive Dentistry / by Stramski, Alphonse A. ; Compound versus Compound Plaster Impression / by Helfmann, Nathaniel L. ; Consideration of Calcium Phosphorus Metabolism / by Thrall, Ralph B. ; Control of Pain in Dentistry / by Brown, Morris E. ; Cysts and Tumors of the Mouth / by Richardson, David H. ; The Dental Hygienist as an Asset to the Practicing Dentist / by Reed, Allen J. ; The Diet in Relation to Dental Caries / by McDermott, William J. ; Diseases and Treatment of the Maxillary Sinus / by Barile, George M. ; Establish Centric Occlusion for Full Dentures / by Schwartz, Clifford ; Esthetics in Dentistry / by Lora, Edward J. ; The Etiology and Surgical Treatment of Harelip and Cleft Palate / by Garman, J. Harry ; The Etiology and Treatment of Periodontoclasia / by Levine, Alexander ; The Etiology of Dental Caries / by Markowitz, Louis J. ; The Etiology of Malocclusion / by Icazo, Jorge ; Extraction of Teeth / by Rodgers, Clarence J. ; Facial Neuralgia / by Goldiner, Morton J. ; Fixed Bridge versus Removable Bridge / by Holter, Paul W. ; Fractures of the Mandible / by Piche, Theodore L. ; A Historical Review of Prosthetic Dentistry / by Wheeler, George E., Jr. ; History, Development, and Use of Various Vulcanite Teeth / by Gurvitz, Robert H. ; History of General Anesthesia / by Kroser, Philip R. ; Ideal Office and Equipment of the General Dental Practitioner / by Hamilton, Bruce ; Immediate Dentures-Indications for Their Use and Their Construction / by Kowalski, Walter J. ; Importance of Oral Examination Previous to Instruction of Dentures / by Kwan, Amy H. ; Importance of Oral Prophylaxis / by Moore, Filbert L. ; Importance of Preserving and Maintaining the First Permanent Molar in the Young Patient Ranging from 6 to 14 Years / by Schindler, Samuel ; Importance of the Deciduous Teeth to Health / by Waldman, Harold F. ; Importance of the Sixth Year Molar / by Gorsuch, Charles B. ; Indications and Contra-Indications for Extraction of Teeth / by Schreiber, Jerome E. ; Indications for Gold or Amalgam as a Filling Material / by Tocher, Robert J. ; Interpretation of the Dental Roentgenograph / by Bloomenfeld, Julius ; Life and Experiments of James Leon Williams / by Seligman, Leon ; Life of Pierre Fauchard and his Contributions to Dentistry / by Gillman, Charles ; Ludwig’s Angina / by Horton, Leon L. ; Management of the Child Patient / by Gothers, John L. ; Manifestations of Systemic Diseases in the Oral Cavity / by Rubin, Joseph. Part 2: Maryland, the Mother of American Dentistry / by Kirschner, William L. ; Modern Trend of Dentistry / by Flory, Arlington D. ; Modern Use of Gold Foil / by Clayton, Paul R. ; Mouth Infection and its Relation to Gastro-Intestinal Disease / by Gaebl, William L. ; Nervous Disturbances in Relation to the Dental Mechanism / by Nathan, Morris ; Nitrous Oxide in Dentistry / by McClung, Daryl S. ; Operative Dentistry for Children / by Janowitz, Aaron J. ; Oral Cavity as an Avenue of Infection / by Leary, Edgar T. ; Oral Manifestations Resulting from Neglect and Ignorance of the Dentist / by Brener, Herman ; Organic and Inorganic Accretions on the Teeth / by Steinfeld, Irving ; Osteomyelitis of the Jaws / by Berman, Nathan P. ; Orthodontia and the General Practitioner / by Barclay, Robert S. ; Place of Amalgam in Dentistry / by Toubman, Joseph W. ; Porcelain Jacket Crown-Its Indications and Construction / by Omenn, Edward ; Premedication in the Removal of Teeth / by Schwarzkopf, Anton J. ; Prosthesis in Cleft Palate Operations / by Todd, Merwin A., Jr. ; Psychology of Children’s Dentistry / by Bailey, Richard A. ; Pulpectomy / by Britowich, Arthur A. ; Pulpless Teeth and Their Treatment / by McGuire, Richard F. ; Reactions of the Pulp to Bacterial Invasion from Carious Lesions / by Hoffman, Emanuel ; Reflex Facial Pain / by Brotman, Abraham A. ; Registration in Full Denture Prosthesis / by Gordon, Ralph J. ; Relation of Metabolism to Dentition / by Hoy, John A. ; Relationship of Dentistry to Medicine / by Shulman, Joseph ; Relative Importance of Vitamin D to Health / by McGarry, Charles E. ; The Role that Mouth Washes and Dentifrices Play in Oral Health / by Hunt, Robert N. ; The Saliva as a Causative Factor of Dental Caries / by Hall, Henry H. ; The Small Town versus the Big City as a Place to Practice Dentistry / by Paquette, Normand J. ; Status of the Pulpless Tooth / by Mansell, Howard C. ; Stomatological Society-Its Objects and Possibilities / by Nelson, Leo ; Surgical Treatment of Periodontoclasia / by Goldstein, Lewis ; Syphilitic Manifestations of the Oral Cavity / by Cook, Albert C. ; Systemic Tolerance to Local Anesthetic Agents in Hypodermic Administration / by Bowers, Malcolm B. (Missing, not bound in volume.) ; The Third Molar Menace / by Lott, Harland W. ; Tic Douloureux / by Ginsburg, A. Albert ; Tooth Development and Occlusion / by Bisnovich, Samuel S. ; Treatment of Necrotic Areas by Apiectomy / by McKay, Warren ; Types of Odontalgia / by Liddy, Martin A., Jr. ; Use of the Anatomical Articulator / by Sandford, C. Russell ; Value of Orthodontia to Dentistry / by Homel, Samuel H. ; Value of the Use of the Rubber Dam / by Nussbaum, Milton S. ; Value of the X-Ray in Dentistry / by Piombino, Joseph, Jr. ; Vitamins and Their Importance to Dentition / by Trax, Frederick H., Jr. ; Waxing, Investing, Casting and Cementation of Inlays and Crowns / by Clark, William G.en_US
dc.subjectUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore. School of Dentistryen_US
dc.subjectDoctor of Dental Surgeryen_US
dc.subjectUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore. Dental School, Baltimore College of Dental Surgeryen_US
dc.subjectdental surgeryen_US
dc.subject.lcshBaltimore College of Dental Surgery--Dissertationsen_US
dc.subject.meshSurgery, Oralen_US
dc.subject.meshDental Cariesen_US
dc.subject.meshDental Restoration, Permanenten_US
dc.subject.meshPediatric Dentistryen_US
dc.subject.meshTooth Diseasesen_US
dc.subject.meshMouth Diseasesen_US
dc.titleBaltimore College of Dental Surgery, Dental School, University of Maryland Theses 1933 (Parts 1 and 2)en_US
dc.description.urinameFull Texten_US

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