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dc.descriptionDissertations (D.D.S.), Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, 1931.en_US
dc.descriptionAvailable in print only in closed stacks at the Health Sciences and Human Services Library.
dc.description.tableofcontentsThis volume contains the following manuscripts described as Senior Thesis presented to the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery for the Degree of “Doctor of Dental Surgery”: Amalgams, their advantages and disadvantages and manipulation as filling material / by Gunter, Edgar ; Antrum infection and its relation to the teeth / by Barnes, Edwin Charles ; Balanced occlusion / by Nirenberg, Max ; Cancer of the mouth / by Curry, Christian Landis ; Casting of gold inlays / by Dillon, Charles S ; Ceramics / by Shapiro, Emanuel ; Children's dentistry / by Cross, John Douglas ; Children's diet and dentistry / by Beyer, Joseph ; Children's operative dentistry as a specialty / by Pierce, Carl ; Clasps and their uses / by Laureska, Anthony P. ; Comparisons of the qualities of dental filling material / by Cohen, Jacob Rubin ; Comparison of various tooth forms / by Hamilton, Lloyd M. ; Dental caries, a histological and bacteriological survey / by Kohn, Arthur A. ; Direct versus indirect inlays / by Santillo, Joseph ; Drugs and their uses in dentistry / by Markley, Harry Knox ; Economics in dentistry / by Solomon, George H. ; Ethics / by Minahan, Walter R. ; Fixed bridge work versus removable bridge work / by Aldrey, Jorge ; History of anesthesia / by Levin, Jacob ; History of dental prosthesis / by Smyth, Frederick F. ; History of Dentistry / by Cummings, Owen Vincent ; Impacted lower third molar / by Margeson, Clarence Elmer ; Importance of attention to detail in prosthesis / by Margolies, Herbert ; Importance of oral prophylaxis / by LaVallee, Raymond E. ; Injuries and diseases of the face, jaws and mouth / by Edwards, Douglas A. ; Local anesthesia in a general dental practice / by Fetter, Luther Werner ; One piece casting versus assembled partials / by Peddie, Fred (Pedlosky) ; Oral cavity as a potential seat of infection for the entire body / by Winner, Jarry J. ; Orthodontia and its benefits to mankind / by Saunders, Clarence E. ; Physician and the dentist / by Leichter, Sam F. ; Postoperative treatment / by Cline, Reginald W. ; Practical use of filling materials / by Reese, Edgar B. ; Preoperative medication in dentistry / by Drumheller, Wallace Griffiths ; Preparation of cavities for and manipulation of gold foil / by Corvino, Joseph A. ; Prevention of the occurrence of decay by the eradication of enamel fissures / by Wasilko, Julius Dan ; Preventive dentistry / by Gilfoyle, Alex E. ; Professional full denture service / by Nuttall, Ernest Brodey ; Pulp and its diseases / by Icaza, Carlos G. ; Radiograph as a diagnostic aid in dental practice / by Snyder, Elwood S. ; Recognition of symptoms of periodontoclasia / by Durso, James A. ; Reduction and treatment of mandibular fractures / by Tracy, Harold J. ; Relative values of base materials for full dentures / by Hahn, William E. ; Resume of methods of treatment in pediodontia / by Lankfort, Allan M. ; Role that dentifrices and mouth washes play in oral hygiene / by Lewis, Gordon A. ; Root canal therapy / by Kiker, Russel P. ; Root resection / by Zukovsky, Julius ; Silicate cement, baked porcelain of gold foil as a restoration in anterior teeth / by Lyons, Harry Witherell ; Use of study models in dentistry / by Tew, Jasper Jerome ; Uses and advantages of castings in fixed bridge work / by Buchbinder, Milton ; Value of diagnosis in dentistry / by Rostov, Harry E. (Rostovsky) ; Value of x-rays in dentistry / by Fornarotto, Samuel F. ; Variety of diseases that come under the general classification of stomatitis / by Eskin, Albert C.; Vincent's infection / by Friedman, Max B. ; Why sterilize in dentistry / by Carbone, James F.en_US
dc.subjectUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore. School of Dentistryen_US
dc.subjectDoctor of Dental Surgeryen_US
dc.subjectUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore. Dental School, Baltimore College of Dental Surgeryen_US
dc.subjectdental surgeryen_US
dc.subject.lcshBaltimore College of Dental Surgery--Dissertationsen_US
dc.subject.meshSurgery, Oralen_US
dc.subject.meshPediatric Dentistryen_US
dc.subject.meshDental Restoration, Permanenten_US
dc.subject.meshTooth Diseasesen_US
dc.subject.meshMouth Diseasesen_US
dc.titleBaltimore College of Dental Surgery, Dental School, University of Maryland Theses 1931en_US
dc.description.urinameFull Texten_US

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