• Global influenza seasonality to inform country-level vaccine programs: An analysis of WHO FluNet influenza surveillance data between 2011 and 2016

      Newman, Laura (Laura P.), 1983-; Bhat, Niranjan; Fleming, Jessica Ann; Neuzil, Kathleen (PLOS One, 2018-02-21)
      By analyzing publicly available surveillance data from 2011±2016, we produced countryspecific estimates of seasonal influenza activity for 118 countries in the six World Health Organization regions. Overall, the average country influenza activity period was 4.7 months. Our analysis characterized 100 countries (85%) with one influenza peak season, 13 (11%) with two influenza peak seasons, and five (4%) with year-round influenza activity. Surveillance data were limited for many countries. These data provide national estimates of influenza activity, which may guide planning for influenza vaccination implementation, program timing and duration, and policy development.