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      The effect of child maltreatment on juvenile delinquency among a cohort of low-income urban males [1]
      The effect of negative self-referential mood and depression upon creative processes related to change in psychotherapy [1]
      The Effect of Resources on Caregiving Experiences in the U.S. Population and among Korean American Caregivers [1]
      The effect of student-field instructor similarity on their respective perceptions of the field practicum in social work education [1]
      The effect of the provision of inhome services on the elderly person's informal support network [1]
      The effectiveness of social group work with head trauma rehabilitation patients [1]
      Effects of a cognitive intervention on motor performance, motor performance self-efficacy, and combat event readiness self-efficacy in Navy recruits [1]
      The effects of community service on the self-esteem and academic performance of at risk youth [1]
      The effects of stress, role ambiguity, and social support on burnout among home health aids caring for the frail elderly: "Toward the prevention of maltreatment" [1]
      End-of-Life Care in U.S. Nursing Homes: Resident and Facility Factors that Predict Presence and Use of Services [1]
      The epidemiology of child maltreatment recurrences [1]
      Evaluating family preservation services from a community well-being perspective: A time series analysis of Virginia's Comprehensive Services Act for At Risk Youth and Families [1]
      Evaluation of a Model Relating Inclusion, Organizational Commitment, and Intention to Leave among Child Welfare Workers [1]
      An evaluation of an intervention implemented to cause improved adjustment of prisoners [1]
      An evaluation of one method of enhancing the perceived control of spinal cord injured patients in a rehabilitation hospital [1]
      An examination of critical incident stress debriefing for emergency service providers: A quasi-experimental field survey [1]
      An examination of Social Dominance Orientation and Cultural Competence of Social Workers [1]
      Examination of Social Exclusion as a Construct and Its Impact on Mortality and Survival Time among Older Adults [1]
      An examination of Washington, D.C.'s Juvenile Curfew Act of 1995: A single-system approach [1]
      Examining factors that impact transfer of training by Department of Social Services workers [1]