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      Resilience of African American youth in transition from out-of-home care to adulthood [1]
      Risk and protective factors associated with adolescent sexual activity [1]
      Risk of Being Overweight or Obese among Army Spouses: The Impact of Deployment, Distress, and Perceived Social Support [1]
      The Role of Self-efficacy, Technology Acceptance, and Support, in E-Learning for Child Welfare Workers [1]
      The role of type of sport, race, and gender in the identity, self-concept, and grade point average of Division One student-athletes [1]
      Rural Veterans: Pathways to Homelessness [1]
      Seeking help for postpartum depression: The Behavioral Model of Health Service Use as a framework for predicting treatment utilization for postpartum depression [1]
      Selected factors affecting utilization of social services by women clients of two domestic violence shelters [1]
      Sexual risk behavior among African American college women: Understanding socio-cultural factors in the context of HIV/AIDS [1]
      Social and Academic Integration as Predictors of Community College Students' Semester Persistence in Developmental Courses [1]
      Social drift among primary alcohol abusers [1]
      The social support needs of persons with HIV and AIDS: The case of clients with buddies at the Health Education Resource Organization (HERO) [1]
      Social work education and personal characteristic predictors of cultural competence in MSW students [1]
      Social Workers and Disproportionate Minority Contact: A Mixed Methods Study [1]
      The socialization of the urban, black, male delinquent in a low-income, single parent, female-headed household [1]
      Socio-demographic and Psychological Characteristics of Sub-types of Alcoholism: An Analysis of the Type A/Type B and Five-Factor Models [1]
      Socio-demographic Factors, Social Supports, and Quality of Life among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Ghana [1]
      Sociocultural Mechanisms Associated with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: An Analysis of Latino Veterans [1]
      Spiritual growth of recovering alcoholic Adult Children of Alcoholics [1]
      Stress buffers for adults in two rural Maryland counties [1]