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      A Comparison of Treatment Outcomes for Participants Receiving Reinforcement-Based Treatment (RBT) versus Participants Receiving RBT plus Recovery Housing (RBT + RH) [1]
      Academic and social integration as predictors of community college students' semester persistence in developmental courses [1]
      Acculturation, Mental Health, and Mental Health Service Use among Older Adults from Five Asian Ethnic Groups [1]
      Adaptive coping strategies of othermothers: An examination of social support, spirituality, stress and depression [1]
      African American youth and their fathers: Exploring the relationship between perceived nurturance and psychological well-being [1]
      Alternative Response in Child Welfare: A Mixed Methods Study of Caseworker Decision Making [1]
      Analysis of factors affecting sterilization rates for Puerto Rican women living in the Bronx, New York [1]
      Assessing Developmental Pathways of Young Children Investigated for Neglect and Predictors of Persistent Problems [1]
      Assessing the Relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Body Mass Index Trajectory of Children and Adolescents [1]
      The attitudes of Orthodox Jewish rabbis towards professional mental health services as related to their practice of referrals [1]
      Availability of social support resources and survival strategies among African American grandmother caregivers [1]
      The backstretch: Some call it home [1]
      Becoming a social worker: Factors that predict socialization to the profession and differences between groups [1]
      Behavioral Health among Foreign-Born and U.S.-Born Emerging Adults: Barriers to Seeking Services, College Enrollment Status, and Service Utilization [1]
      The Benefits and Costs of Caring: A Mixed Methods Study of Early Head Start Home Visitors [1]
      Beyond Efficacy, Toxicity, and Cost: Patients Define Cancer Care Value in the United States [1]
      The CARF assessment tool and the predictability of family characteristics in decisions to reunify separated child-maltreating families [1]
      Change over time in implementation fidelity of a child welfare practice model [1]
      Chatting over the fence: A qualitative study of cancer and prevention behavior in a high-risk rural area [1]
      Child sexual abuse and the subsequent adolescent sexual, family planning, and fertility patterns of low-income women [1]