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      Seeking help for postpartum depression: The Behavioral Model of Health Service Use as a framework for predicting treatment utilization for postpartum depression [1]
      Selected factors affecting utilization of social services by women clients of two domestic violence shelters [1]
      Sexual risk behavior among African American college women: Understanding socio-cultural factors in the context of HIV/AIDS [1]
      Social and Academic Integration as Predictors of Community College Students' Semester Persistence in Developmental Courses [1]
      Social drift among primary alcohol abusers [1]
      The social support needs of persons with HIV and AIDS: The case of clients with buddies at the Health Education Resource Organization (HERO) [1]
      Social work education and personal characteristic predictors of cultural competence in MSW students [1]
      Social Workers and Disproportionate Minority Contact: A Mixed Methods Study [1]
      The socialization of the urban, black, male delinquent in a low-income, single parent, female-headed household [1]
      Socio-demographic and Psychological Characteristics of Sub-types of Alcoholism: An Analysis of the Type A/Type B and Five-Factor Models [1]
      Socio-demographic Factors, Social Supports, and Quality of Life among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Ghana [1]
      Sociocultural Mechanisms Associated with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: An Analysis of Latino Veterans [1]
      Spiritual growth of recovering alcoholic Adult Children of Alcoholics [1]
      Stress buffers for adults in two rural Maryland counties [1]
      A study of factors that contribute to the discrepancy between the high number of women receiving college education and the low number of women participating in the labor force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. [1]
      A study of the association between social functioning and manic-depressive illness in family constellations with presumed genetic vulnerability for affective illness [1]
      The System of Care Mental Health Service Experience: Differences in Perceptions between African American and Caucasian Youth and its Impact on Service Use and the Relationship between Receipt of Services and Emotional and Behavioral Symptoms [1]
      Teaching and Learning Motivational Interviewing: Examining the Efficacy of Two Training Methods for Social Work Students [1]
      The association between services and recidivism for adjudicated youth with behavioral health problems [1]
      The impact of organizational culture and climate in child welfare agencies on outcomes for children involved in the child welfare system: A multi-level analysis of a nationally representative sample [1]