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      Late-life suicidal behavior: Complexity, descriptors, level of risk [1]
      Leadership that leads to innovation in nonprofit human service organizations [1]
      The life cycle of welfare reform: Local renditions. A comparative case study of the implementation of the work requirements of TANF [1]
      A longitudinal exploration of the factors that affect the timing of women's decisions to leave abusive relationships [1]
      Love without Violence: A new treatment for spouse abusers [1]
      Making it Happen: Understanding Factors Related to Worker and Organizational Fidelity to Family Connections, a Child Maltreatment Prevention Program [1]
      Male client self-reports of domestic violence reduction following employee assistance program intervention for alcohol abuse [1]
      Mental health risk factors and protective mechanisms for post-secondary educational attainment among young adult veterans [1]
      Mothers Engaging in Street-Level Prostitution: A Lived Experience [1]
      Multiple Challenges in Kinship Families: How Are They Associated with Children’s Behavioral Health in Kinship Care? [1]
      Neighborhood and Cumulative Ecological Risk: Predicting Physical Abuse and Neglect in an Urban Longitudinal Studies of Child Abuse and Neglect (LONGSCAN) Sample [1]
      Neighborhood conditions, father involvement, parenting competence, and behavior problems in a sample of children at risk for neglect: A structural equation model [1]
      The neighborhood correlates of child maltreatment: Montgomery County, Maryland [1]
      Neighborhood Disorder and Mental Health Outcomes Among a Sample of Baltimore City Residents: The Influence of Urban Parks, Social Cohesion, and Social Control [1]
      Nonresidential father-child involvement: Fathers' and mothers' perspectives in acrimonious divorce relationships [1]
      Older women: An analysis of the influences of race, health status, and social network involvement on use of community services [1]
      Oncology social workers and tobacco-related practice: An exploratory study [1]
      Parent Stress and Child Avoidant Coping during Deployment: An Structural Equation Nonrecursive Model to Investigate the Non-deployed Parent-Child Dyad In National Guard Families [1]
      Parent University [1]
      The Parent University Program: Factors Predicting Change in Responsive Parenting Behaviors [1]