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      Factors affecting clinical outcomes in employee assistance programs [1]
      Factors Associated with Changes in Parental Depressive Symptoms: A Longitudinal Multilevel Analysis of Parents at High Risk for Child Maltreatment [1]
      Factors associated with elderly mobility: Examination of immigrant status and access to public transit [1]
      Factors associated with older adult volunteers' organizational withdrawl: Testing a model of volunteer behavior [1]
      Factors contributing to maternal protectiveness following the disclosure of intrafamilial child sexual abuse: A documentary study based on reports of Child Protective Service workers [1]
      Fidelity and Alliance Effects on Youth Outcomes of Functional Family Therapy [1]
      For our own good: The meaning of batterer intervention programs for women who have been abused. A Heideggerian hermeneutic inquiry [1]
      Forgiveness and psychotherapy [1]
      Formal Help-seeking among Female Victims of Sexual and Physical Violence: Individual, Interpersonal, and Incident Level Predictors [1]
      Health care utilization by children entering foster care: Factors associated with provider-initiated health referral and referral completion [1]
      Health Savings Account Effects on Health and Debt [1]
      Healthcare Provider Communication with Young Adults: Patient-Centered Communication, Patient Satisfaction, Patient Trust, Social Support, Self-Care Skills, and Emotional Well-Being [1]
      Help-seeking Behavior among Working-age Adults with Suicidal Ideation: An integration of the Andersen Model of Health Care Utilization and the Three-stage Model of Mental Health Help-seeking [1]
      High Risk, the Community Nutrition Environment, and Food Insecurity: The Role of Cumulative Risk, and Food Store Accessibility and Availability in Predicting the Likelihood of Family Food Insecurity in Baltimore City [1]
      High School Graduation in Context: A Multilevel Examination of the Factors Related to On-Time Graduation for Students Who Persist Through Four Years of High School [1]
      Historical analysis of the implementation of federal policy: A case study of accessing Title IV-E funds to support social work education [1]
      Holy ground, common ground: Perspectives of Christian clergy on their mental health role [1]
      Hospital social workers and AIDS patients: Stressors, potency, burnout and physical symptoms [1]
      The impact of classroom and field learning on student understanding of social work practice with groups [1]
      In the Shadow of the Ivory Tower: Neighborhood Relations in a College Town [1]