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      Invest Yourself [1]
      Invitation from the Woman's Auxiliary to the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland to attend an International Social [1]
      Invitation to the Maryland Association of Hospital Auxiliaries President's Council meeting and report presented at event [1]
      Letter from Elaine Knoblock to the Maryland State Library for the Physically Handicapped requesting materials for patients [1]
      Letter from Maryland Association of Hospital Auxiliaries to the Auxiliary requesting their presence at an upcoming meeting [1]
      Letter from Ruth Fader to Mrs. G.C.A. Anderson concerning a planned tour of Baltimore [1]
      Letter from the Baltimore Council for International Visitors to Mrs. John A. Herold inviting her to attend a meeting [1]
      Luncheon and tour set [1]
      Mrs. Richard G. Kleindienst speaks at Maryland Association of Hospital Auxiliaries meeting [1]
      Ms. Adele Rice Nudel presents "Female-Over 50-And Feeling Fantastic" at the Fall General Meeting [1]
      My Hospital Coloring Book and Certificate of Copyright Registration [1]
      Needlework Guild of America, Inc., Baltimore Branch, 1972 Ingathering report [1]
      Notification of inclusion of Women's Auxiliary Board of the University Hospital in the will of Anne M. Davis [1]
      Officer Election News 1975 [1]
      Officer Election News 1977 [1]
      Officers Elected [2]
      On the Scene: $15,000 To Hospital [1]
      On the Scene: Elected to Board [1]
      Paint and Powder Ball Feb. 16 At Hunt Valley [1]
      Paint and Powder Club Benefit for University Hospital [1]