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      Jan. 1929 thru Dec. 1931 Minutes of W-A-Bd [1]
      Jan. 1932 to Nov. 1935 Recording Secretary Woman's Auxiliary Board [1]
      January 1919 - January 1923 Recording Secretary's Minutes of Woman's Aux Board [1]
      Letter from Catherine M. Miller to Mrs. Lorraine Fiset concerning presentation of the Frances Arnold Memorial Award [1]
      Letter from Elaine Knoblock to the Maryland State Library for the Physically Handicapped requesting materials for patients [1]
      Letter from Lorraine Fiset to members of the Auxiliary concerning integration of the Auxiliary with the Volunteer Services Department [1]
      Letter from Maryland Association of Hospital Auxiliaries to the Auxiliary requesting their presence at an upcoming meeting [1]
      Letter from Morton I. Rapoport, M.D. to Lorraine G. Fiset, Ph.D. regarding space needs of the Auxiliary [1]
      Letter from Ruth Fader to Mrs. G.C.A. Anderson concerning a planned tour of Baltimore [1]
      Letter from the Baltimore Council for International Visitors to Mrs. John A. Herold inviting her to attend a meeting [1]
      Letter from the Maryland Employment Security Administration with notification of new employer account number due to change of name from the Woman’s Auxiliary of the University of Maryland Hospital to The Auxiliary of University of Maryland, Inc. [1]
      Letter from the Treasury Department on the tax exempt status of the Woman's Auxiliary Board of the University Hospital of Maryland, Inc. [1]
      Letter from W. Michel Pierson to Mrs. Barbara K. Scherlis on articles of incorporation for the Auxiliary of the University of Maryland Hospital, Inc. April 7, 1976 [1]
      Letter of appreciation from Ruth C. Ricks to June, Joanne, and Sponsoring Auxiliaries, Members [1]
      Letters and meeting minutes on intent to dissolve the Auxiliary of University of Maryland Hospital, Inc. 1998 [1]
      Letters from Auxiliary President Lorraine Fiset concerning membership recruitment and events [1]
      List of project requests funded in Spring 1994 [1]
      Luncheon and tour set [1]
      Maryland Association of Hospital Auxiliaries newsletter [1]
      May Festival: Annual Benefit of the University Hospital [1]