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      Targeting the Activator Protein-1 Complex to Inhibit Airway Smooth Muscle Cell Hyperproliferation in Asthma [1]
      Targeting Zinc Finger Proteins with Exogenous Metals and Molecules: Lessons Learned from Tristetraprolin, a CCCH type Zinc Finger [1]
      Testing a culturally consistent behavioral outcomes strategy for cardiovascular disease risk reduction and prevention in low-income African-American women [1]
      The Design and Development of Dual MCL-1/BCL-2 and HDM2/Bcl-2 Protein Family Inhibitors Using a Polypharmacology Approach [1]
      Theoretical studies probing the structural, dynamic and solvation properties of DNA and modified DNA analogs [1]
      Therapeutic Effect of Anti-Progranulin/GP88 Antibody AG01 in Triple Negative and Letrozole Resistant ER+ Breast Cancer Cells [1]
      Three-dimensional QSAR study to improve intestinal absorption of oral drug candidates via ligand-based drug design: Use and relevance of conformationally sampled pharmacophore approach [1]
      Topics in Medicare Part D: Eligibility, Participation, and Impacts [1]
      Topics in Medicare Prescription Drug Enrollment in the Low-Income Subsidy Population [1]
      Towards Targeted Anti-Neoplastics: The Disruption of Aberrant Protein-Protein Interactions with Low Molecular-Weight Proteomimetics [1]
      Tribological Characterization of Pharmaceutical Formulations [1]
      Understanding and Predicting Pharmaceutical Excipient Variability and Performance Using Spectroscopic and Multivariate Analysis Approaches [1]
      Understanding Curing of Ethylcellulose Film Coating and In Vitro In Vivo Performance of Oral Dosage Forms with Scientific Regulatory Implications on Biowaiver [1]
      Underutilization of cardiovascular medications by aged Medicare beneficiaries with heart disease [1]
      Use and outcomes of newer chemotherapeutic agents in colorectal cancer patients using Irinotecan as a case study [1]
      Use of Antipsychotics in Medicare Part D: The Role of Coverage Restrictions and Impact of Medication Adherence on Hospitalization and Spending For Beneficiaries with Serious Mental Illness [1]
      The use of conformational sampling in CHARMM protein force field optimization and ligand-based drug design [1]
      Use of Insulin and Risk of Cancer among Patients with Diabetes Mellitus: A Nonconcurrent Prospective Study [1]
      Use of Machine Learning To Predict COPD Treatments and Exacerbations in Medicare Older Adults: A Comparison of Multiple Approaches [1]