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      Opioid analgesics with reduced tolerance [1]
      Optimizing Pain Management in Medically Complex Long-Term Care Residents [1]
      Optimizing pulmonary drug delivery using spacer devices in conjunction with pressurized metered dose inhalers [1]
      Osteoporosis Medication Use, Adherence, and Outcomes in Elderly Enrolled in Medicare Part D [1]
      Overcoming Drug Resistance in BRaf Mutated Melanoma Cells [1]
      Parametrization for empirical force field calculations and a theoretical study of membrane permeability of pyridine derivatives [1]
      Partial purification and characterization of a C-methyltransferase from streptonigrin-producing Streptomyces flocculus [1]
      Patterns of psychopharmacologic treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [1]
      Patterns, Factors and Outcomes associated with Gabapentin use in Combination with Opioids and Benzodiazepines among Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)-eligible Medicare Beneficiaries [1]
      PC cell derived growth factor (PCDGF/granulin precursor) expression, antiestrogen resistance and tumorigenesis in human breast cancer cells [1]
      Perception of Maryland community pharmacists regarding overall effort (and its dimensions) required to process prescriptions [1]
      Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of 4-aminopyridine: Evaluating the pharmacokinetics of 4-aminopyridine in Sprague-Dawley rats and modeling its effect on the EEG using Fourier analysis [1]
      Pharmacological treatment during status epilepticus: Metabolic and electrographic studies [1]
      Pharmacological Treatment for Serious Mental Illness: Geographic Variation and Association with Preventable Hospitalizations [1]
      Pharmacometric Approaches to Precision Therapeutic Management for Antimicrobials [1]
      Pharmacotherapeutic Management and Care Transitions among Nursing Home Residents with Atrial Fibrillation [1]
      Phenylpropyloxyethylamines: Opioids lacking a tyrosine mimetic [1]
      Photosensitization by diaziquone: Correlation between diaziquone cytotoxicity and photoinduced free radicals in MCF-7 cells [1]
      Physical-mechanical characterization of Eudragit polymers and their application in extended-release matrix tablets prepared via roller compaction [1]
      Poly (amidoamine) dendrimers as oral drug carriers [1]