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      Early Symptom Improvement as a Predictor of Antidepressant Response in Children and Adolescents Diagnosed with Depression: Translating Evidence from Randomized Controlled Trials to Community Practice [1]
      An econometric model for patients hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia [1]
      An economic and outcome evaluation of the Pharmaceutical Care Services Program for Maryland Medicaid recipients [1]
      The economic impact of DUR interventions on the pharmacological management of asthma in children [1]
      EEG, EEG power spectral and behavioral profiles of two inbred rat strains upon acute and chronic opiate exposure [1]
      Effect of Cadmium Exposure on the Transport System of Organic Cation Transporters and Multidrug and Toxin Extrusion Proteins (OCTs/MATEs) [1]
      Effect of Excipients on the Performance of Spray-dried Amorphous Solid Dispersion (ASD) in Tablets [1]
      Effect of sorbed water on the efficiency of super disintegrants: Physical and mechanistic considerations [1]
      Effect of the tight junction modulator Zonula occludens toxin (Zot) and the P-glycoprotein inhibitor itraconazole on brain transport enhancement and their potential for renal drug interactions [1]
      Effect of Transient Heat Exposure on Drug Delivery from Transdermal and Topical Products [1]
      The effectiveness of patient medication information leaflets for African-American hypertensive patients [1]
      Effects of Formulation Factors and Pharmaceutical Quality of Oral Drug Absorption [1]
      Effects of Formulation Factors and Pharmaceutical Quality on Oral Drug Absorption [1]
      Effects of Self-Efficacy and Heatlh Literacy on Adherence to Self-Care Behaviors in Kidney Transplant Patients [1]
      Effects of Static Growth on P. aeruginosa Iron Homeostasis and Virulence [1]
      Effects of Static Growth on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Iron Homeostasis and Virulence [1]
      Effervescent Aerosols: A Novel Formulation Technology for Solution and Suspension-type Metered Dose Inhalers [1]
      Electron paramagnetic resonance/spin trapping detection and mechanism of human neutrophil hydroxyl radical generation [1]
      Elucidating structural requirements of bile acid transporters: prodrug design for oral delivery [1]
      Elucidation of the nature of the plug formation process and its implications in a dosing disk machine using an instrumented Hofliger Karg GKF 330 capsule filling machine [1]