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      FDA drug summaries: a simplification too far? [1]
      FDA to begin releasing clinical study reports in pilot programme [1]
      FDA unease about faster drug approval [1]
      From promises to policies: is big pharma delivering on transparency? [1]
      The imperative to share clinical study reports: recommendations from the Tamiflu experience [1]
      Incompletely Reported Important Methodological Details and Inaccurate Description of the Formulation That the Control Arms Received in a Gardasil Vaccine Trial [1]
      “Independent” reanalysis of landmark starch solutions trial was published by original authors [1]
      Influenza vaccination of health care workers [1]
      Influenza vaccination: policy versus evidence [1]
      Influenza: marketing vaccine by marketing disease [1]
      Informed Consent to Study Purpose in Randomized Clinical Trials of Antibiotics, 1991 Through 2011 [1]
      Integrated Drug Reviews at the US Food and Drug Administration-Legal Concerns and Knowledge Lost. [1]
      Integrated Drug Reviews at the US Food and Drug Administration-Reply [1]
      Integrating multiple data sources (MUDS) for meta-analysis to improve patient-centered outcomes research: a protocol for a systematic review [1]
      Is this trial misreported? Truth seeking in the burgeoning age of trial transparency [1]
      Medical response to Trump requires truth seeking and respect for patients [1]
      Multisystem failure: the story of anti-influenza drugs [1]
      Neuraminidase inhibitors for influenza: a systematic review and meta-analysis of regulatory and mortality data [1]
      Neuraminidase inhibitors--the story behind the Cochrane review [1]
      No correction, no retraction, no apology, no comment: paroxetine trial reanalysis raises questions about institutional responsibility [1]