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      Interprofessional Forum on Ethics and Religion in Health Care 2020, 7th Annual: Unraveling Vaccine Science, Faith and Public Discourse [1]
      Interprofessional Forum on Ethics and Religion in Health Care, Third Annual: Challenges in Organ Donation and Transplantation - Mock Ethics Consultation [1]
      Introducing the Maryland Clinical Simulation Resource Consortium [1]
      Journey from Darkness to Light: Child Abuse Awareness in Maryland [1]
      The Journey to Organ Transplantation in the 21st Century [1]
      Kaiser Permanente Care Delivery Re-Design 2009-2016: Impacts on quality, utilization, and member experience [1]
      Leadership Mentor Training [1] Addressing the Nurse Faculty Shortage by Connecting Aspiring Nurse Educators to Open Positions [1]
      Luana Colloca Biographical Information [1]
      Machine Learning in the Age of Healthcare Analytics [1]
      Maryland Action Coalition 2016 [1]
      Maryland Health Care: Advancing the Culture of Health in Our Communities [1]
      Maryland NP Home Health Waiver [1]
      MDAC 2017: "Partnerships for Professional Advancement" [1]
      MDAC 2017: "Academic Credit for Nurse Residency Programs: A Stakeholder-driven Initiative" [1]
      MDAC 2017: "Local and Public Health Nurses Leading Change to Advance Health in Maryland" and "The Culture of Health in Maryland: Public Health Nurses Leading the Way" [1]
      MDAC 2017: “Addressing Incivility: A Barrier to Nursing Practice and Care” [1]
      MDAC 2017: “Crucial Elements in Developing Maryland's Simulation Education Leaders ” [1]
      MDAC 2017: " Maryland Nurse Support Program I: A Four-Year Analysis of Outcomes" [1]
      MDAC 2017: " Stepwise Approach to Building Sustainable Models of Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Care in Ambulatory Community Settings" [1]