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      MDAC 2017: "Local and Public Health Nurses Leading Change to Advance Health in Maryland" and "The Culture of Health in Maryland: Public Health Nurses Leading the Way" [1]
      MDAC 2017: “Addressing Incivility: A Barrier to Nursing Practice and Care” [1]
      MDAC 2017: “Crucial Elements in Developing Maryland's Simulation Education Leaders ” [1]
      MDAC 2017: " Maryland Nurse Support Program I: A Four-Year Analysis of Outcomes" [1]
      MDAC 2017: " Stepwise Approach to Building Sustainable Models of Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Care in Ambulatory Community Settings" [1]
      MDAC 2017: "Diversity Plan for Maryland's Nursing Workforce" and "Nursing, Inclusive Excellence, and our Future" [1]
      MDAC 2017: "Future of Nursing: State Implementation Program - Maryland Review and Revision of Articulation Model" [1]
      MDAC 2017: "The Role of Nurses in Building a Culture of Health" [1]
      MDAC 2017: Agenda [1]
      MDAC 2017: “Faculty Development: Preparing Clinical Nursing Instructors” [1]
      MDAC 2018: "Associate-to-Bachelor's (ATB) Option: A Collaborative Practice Model" [1]
      MDAC 2018: "The Role of Wealth in Healthcare-Closing the Disparities Gap in Healthcare through Diversity and Inclusive Excellence" [1]
      MDAC 2018: "When the Rubber Meets the Road: Public Health Nurses Convene to Address Barriers to Practice and Advance Health in Maryland" [1]
      MDAC 2018: Agenda [1]
      MDAC 2018: "Building a Culture of Health in Baltimore Early Head Start Centers" [1]
      MDAC 2018: "Educating and Preparing the Diverse Nurse of Tomorrow" [1]
      MDAC 2018: "Healing Spirit via the Medicine Wheel" [1]
      MDAC 2018: "Increasing Diversity in Nursing: A Case Study in Support of Improving Outcomes in Minority Students by Strengthening Nursing Programs at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)/Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs)" [1]
      MDAC 2018: "Toward Academic Credit for Nurse Residency Program Completion: A Three-Phase Project" [1]
      MDAC 2018: overview and call for abstracts [1]