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      MDAC 2019: "Nurses Response to the Opioid Epidemic" [1]
      MDAC 2019: "Promoting a Culture of Health in Baltimore's Family Child Care Homes" [1]
      MDAC 2019: "Supporting Adolescent Mental Health in West Baltimore" [1]
      MDAC 2019: "The Community Health Partnership of Baltimore" [1]
      MDAC 2019: Abstracts [1]
      MDAC 2019: Overview and Agenda [1]
      MDAC 2020: "A Multidimensional Approach to Improving NCLEX-RN Pass Rates Among ADN Students" [1]
      MDAC 2020: "A Step Above the Rest: Preparing High School Students for the Nursing Program at AACC" [1]
      MDAC 2020: "Academic Nurse Educator Certification Award Promoting NLN Certified Nurse Educator Credential Completion in Maryland" [1]
      MDAC 2020: "Accessible Design and Accessible Pedagogy" [1]
      MDAC 2020: "Advancing our Advanced Practice Nurses by Supporting Preceptors" [1]
      MDAC 2020: "Assessing the Impact of a Simulation Model on Clinical Placements After Two Years of Implementation" [1]
      MDAC 2020: "Associate to Bachelors (ATB): Positioning More Baccalaureate Nurses at the Bedside" [1]
      MDAC 2020: "Bridging the Gap: From Bedside Practice to Clinical Teaching" [1]
      MDAC 2020: "BSN Collaborative Pathway in Western Maryland" [1]
      MDAC 2020: "Building Bridges to Foster Support for Students Who Wish to Become Nurses at the High School Level" [1]
      MDAC 2020: "Building Clinical Nursing Faculty Competency in Maryland" [1]
      MDAC 2020: "Development and Implementation of a Collaborative Nurse Practitioner Clinical Training Program" [1]
      MDAC 2020: "Ensuring Quality During a Pandemic: Curricular Adjustments Do Not Have to Be a Crisis" [1]
      MDAC 2020: "Evaluation of Maryland Nurse Residency Program Implementation" [1]