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      Acuity-based staffing in long term care: Does it influence quality? [1]
      Adolescent mothers: Functioning after bereavement [1]
      Adult Patients’ Experience Using Patient Portal: The Impact of Perceived Usability on Portal Use Behavior [1]
      Aggression in psychiatrically disordered children and adolescents [1]
      Altering Mechanisms of Frailty in Persons Living with HIV [1]
      Analgesic Efficacy of Adding Sciatic Blockade to the 3-in-1 Block Following Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Meta-analysis [1]
      An analysis of the relationship among patient profile variables in predicting home care resource utilization and outcomes [1]
      Anesthesia related pain management strategies and 24 hour postoperative outcomes in traumatic tibia fracture patients [1]
      Anger, denial, and cardiovascular reactivity in postmenopausal women [1]
      Anxiety, Apathy, and Depression in First-Time Stroke Survivors with Aphasia in the Post-Stroke Period [1]
      Applying Bayesian network approaches to study health outcomes [1]
      Appraisal, coping, hardiness, and self-perceived health in spouse home caregivers of persons with dementia [1]
      Appraisal, coping, social support, and posttraumatic stress of trauma patients one week following accidental injury [1]
      Assessing the quality of feedback during clinical learning: Development of the Feedback Assessment for Clinical Education (FACE) [1]
      Assessment of diagnostic reasoning with standardized patients: Testing the reliability and validity of the diagnostic reasoning assessment [1]
      Association between ozone and emergency department visits: Application of geostatistics and geographic information systems (GIS) [1]
      The Association of Integrated Management of Childhood Illness' Asthma Management Protocol and Asthma Control in Omani Children 2-5 years Old [1]
      Becoming a stranger: The experience of African students' transformation in a baccalaureate school of nursing [1]
      Behavioral symptoms associated with dementia and inappropriate psychotropic medication use in U.S nursing homes [1]
      Between this world and the next: The lived experience of having a life-threatening illness [1]