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      Transglutaminase 2 maintains hepatocyte growth factor signaling to enhance the epidermal cancer cell phenotype [1]
      Treatment of Decerebrate Activity Following Severe Craniocerebral Trauma: Report of 2 Cases with Detailed Physiological and Metabolic Observations [1]
      Treatment of Lumbar Radiculitis in a Patient With a Lateral Ankle Sprain: A Case Report [1]
      Trochlear Nerve palsy Due to Quadrigeminal Plate Cistern Lipoma [1]
      Tubulin detyrosination induces apoptosis in breast epithelial cells that is overcome by induced oncogenic signaling [1]
      Tubulin-based microtentacles aid in heterotypic neutrophil-CTC clustering [1]
      Tubulin-based microtentacles aid in heterotypic neutrophil-CTC clustering (2) [1]
      Tumor Budding in Non-Treated, Node-Negative Colorectal Adenocarcinoma Resection Specimens: What is the Association with Isolated Tumor Cells? [1]
      Two Cases of Duodenal Perforation by IVC Filter [1]
      Unique import of host-derived sugar N-acetylglucosamine-1-P by Rickettsiae for biosynthesis of cell envelope glycoconjugates [1]
      Using the Health Belief Model to Understand Readmissions to the PICU for Status Asthmaticus [1]
      Utilizing Closed Pleural Biopsy in the Diagnosis of Pleural TB [1]
      Weight Loss and Weight Gain in Parkinson Disease [1]
      What Motivates People with Substance Use Disorders to Pursue Treatment? A Patient-Centered Approach to Understanding Patient Experiences and Patient-Provider Interactions [1]
      What's New in Cardiac Arrest [1]
      When a Rash and Fever Aren't Cellulitis [1]
      Which Patients are Likely to Refuse to Participate in a Clinical Trial? A Latent Class Analysis [1]
      Wholly Rickettsia! Metabolic Profile of the Quintessential Bacterial Parasite of Eukaryotic Cells [2]
      Women's Health and Epilepsy: Are we meeting AAN Quality Measures? [1]
      Worse PROMIS Depression and Anxiety Predict Worse Postoperative Function in Hand Surgery Patients [1]