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      Optic Nerve Head scRNA-Seq enables a strategy to identify tissue-specific neural progenitor functions [1]
      Optimization of Small molecules inhibitors against hnRNP A18, a regulator of protein translation and an immune checkpoint [1]
      Optimizing the Relationship Between Patients and their Primary Medical Providers to Improve Quality of Care in the Primary Cardiology Service [1]
      Pandemic-Related Anxiety and Behaviors of Medical Weight Loss Patients [1]
      Pathway to Diagnosis: Caregiver and Person with Dementia Experiences on Reaching Diagnosis [1]
      Patient Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Open Label Placebo Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder [1]
      Patient Perceptions of Pelvic Organ Prolapse Education Techniques [1]
      PATIENTS Day 2019: Pathway to Diagnosis: Caregiver and Person with Dementia Experiences on Reaching a Diagnosis [1]
      PATIENTS Day 2019: What Motivates People with Substance Use Disorders to Pursue Treatment? A Patient-Centered Approach to Understanding Patient Experiences and Patient-Provider Interactions [1]
      PATIENTS Day 2019: Which Patients are Likely to Refuse to Participate in a Clinical Trial? A latent Class Analysis [1]
      PD-1 licenses activated Treg for lymphatic migration [1]
      A Pediatric Case of Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome [1]
      Peri-Arrest Pearls... For the Crashing Patient [1]
      Persistency of Depressive Symptoms and Physical Performance in Knee Osteoarthritis [1]
      Physician Prescribing Changes Impacted by Patient-Initiated Online Health Searches [1]
      Physiological and Metabolic Basis for the Initial Treatment of the Critically Ill Patient [1]
      Physiological Changes in Response to Skeletal Muscle Specific High-Expression of mu-Crystallin Following High- and Low-Fat Diets [1]
      A Pilot Study To Evaluate The Development And Implementation Of A Virtual Nutrition Education Program In Older Veterans [1]
      A Pleiotropic Metabolite Affects Microbial Infection and Arthropod Vector Fitness [1]
      Post Arrest Interventions… That Save Lives! [1]