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      Early Childhood Development, Nutrition, and Eating Behavior: Strategies to Prevent Non-communicable Diseases throughout Life [1]
      Early muscle activation of the hip abductors in older adults with fall risk. [1]
      Effect of methotrexate on response to Covid-19 mRNA vaccines in patients with Autoimmune Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases: a longitudinal study [1]
      The Effect of Unintended Pancreatic Duct Cannulation on Post-ERCP Pancreatitis [1]
      Effective Collaboration Towards Positive Perioperative Outcomes for the Cardiac Surgery Patient: A Perioperative Services - Cardiac Surgery Performance Innovation Project [1]
      Effectiveness of an Intelligent Sleep Management System in the US Military: Preliminary Results [1]
      Effects of Human-Milk-Based-Human-Milk Fortifier on Necrotizing Enterocolitis and Nutritional Outcomes in Preterm Infants [1]
      Effects of in-Bed Ankle Robot Training in Patients at Subacute Stroke Stage [1]
      The Effects of reactive and voluntary step training on balance recovery during lateral perturbation in individuals with chronic stroke [1]
      The effects of stroke on weight transfer before a voluntary lateral and forward step [1]
      Elastomeric Respirator Implementation GUide [1]
      Emergency Action Plans: Development, Review, Training and Comfort Level Among Athletic Trainers in High School Settings [1]
      Enhanced Cellular Aggregation in mTORopathies [1]
      Evaluating Clinician Adherence to American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases Guidelines for Ascites [1]
      Evaluating Long-QT Type 8 Mutations in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes [1]
      Evaluation of circadian behaviour in the KCNMA1-N999S channelopathy mouse model [1]
      Evaluation of Kcnma1 Channelopathy Variants Using Combinatorial Pathogenicity Algorithms [1]
      Evaluation of Surgical Site Infections after Change in Surgical Prophylaxis in Ventricular Assist Device Patients [1]
      Examining the Association Between Pandemic-related Changes in Caregiver Mental Health and Child Weight Status Over Time [1]
      Examining The Role of Ventral Pallidal Inputs In Stress-induced Social Avoidance [1]