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      Learning to Focus and Focusing to Learn: Assessing the Use of PhotoVoice in Global/Local InterProfessional Education [1]
      Moving Beyond Damage-Centered Research Studies with Women in Prostitution [1]
      People With Secrets: Contesting, Constructing, and Resisting Women’s Claims About Sexualized Victimization [1]
      The Perils of Low-Income Homeowning: Home Repair Problems and Policies in Philadelphia [1]
      The Practice of Public Interest Law: Power, Professionalism, and the pursuit of Social Justice [1]
      Professional Stakeholder Survey on the Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment Process in Maryland [1]
      Prostitution/Human Trafficking Courts: Policy Frontline as Fault Line [1]
      A Rich and Complicated Web: Prostitution Diversion Participants' Relationships With Family, Friends, and Providers [1]
      Social justice on the front lines: Interview with Corey Shdaimah on CityViews, Utah Public Radio KCPW. [1]
      Social workers’ use of moral entrepreneurship to enact professional ethics in the field: Case studies from the social justice profession [1]
      Struggle for Affordable Child Care [1]
      Tackling the High Cost of Child Care [1]
      Tackling the high cost of child care and the presidential candidates’ plans [1]
      Taking a Stand in a Not-So-Perfect World: What's a Critical Supporter of Problem-Solving Courts to Do? [1]
      Targeted Sympathy in “Whore Court”: Criminal Justice Actors' Perceptions of Prostitution Diversion Programs [1]
      To fix America’s child care, let’s look at the past [1]
      Using Data to Tell A Story: Evaluating PG County’s Emancipation Checklist [1]
      Voices of child care providers: an exploratory study on the impact of policy changes [1]
      Whose Knowledges? Moving Beyond Damage-Centred Research in Studies of Women in Street-Based Sex Work [1]
      Why childcare policy matters and what we can do to change it: A social work perspective [1]