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      Baltimore Diversion Program Aims To Keep Prostitutes Off The Street [1]
      The Challenges and Rewards of Collaborative Community-Based Research for Social Change: Interview with Corey Shdaimah and Sanford Schram [1]
      Change Research [1]
      The Community Justice Task Force: Assessing Progress and Looking forward: A Report prepared for the University of Maryland School of Law Community Justice Initiative [1]
      Corey Shdaimah on Progressive Lawyering: : Interview by Sarah Lageson [1]
      Drawing on the Perspectives of Street-Based Sex Workers to Inform Prostitution Policy and Program Development [1]
      Elusive Public Support For US Child Care Policy [1]
      Embedding IPE: It's Easier Than You Think [1]
      Engaging Foster Parents in the Court Process, Lessons Learned from Maryland Foster Parents [1]
      Engaging Foster Parents in the Court Process: Lessons Learned from Maryland Foster Parents [1]
      Exploring Social Justice in Mixed/Divided Cities: From Local to Global Learning [1]
      Exploring the Use of an Emancipation Checklist for Older Youth (18-21) Exiting Foster Care [1]
      Foster Parent and Caregiver Engagement in the Court Process [1]
      Investiture Ceremony for the Daniel Thursz Professor of School Justice: Corey Shdaimah, LL.M, Ph.D. [1]
      Lawyers and the Power of Community: The Story of South Ardmore [1]
      Learning to Focus and Focusing to Learn: Assessing the Use of PhotoVoice in Global/Local InterProfessional Education [1]
      Moving Beyond Damage-Centered Research Studies with Women in Prostitution [1]
      People With Secrets: Contesting, Constructing, and Resisting Women’s Claims About Sexualized Victimization [1]
      The Perils of Low-Income Homeowning: Home Repair Problems and Policies in Philadelphia [1]
      The Practice of Public Interest Law: Power, Professionalism, and the pursuit of Social Justice [1]