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dc.contributor.authorKreider, Mildred Sherk, 1936-
dc.descriptionUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore. Nursing. M.S. 1968
dc.description.abstractThe problem of this study was to identify the nursing activities of value in assisting aphasic patients to develop increased self dependency. Action research was utilized to collect the data. The nurse-investigator administered nursing care to two adult aphasic patients, attempting to direct care toward developing increased self dependency. Nursing activities were of value in assisting the patients to develop increased ability to care for their physical needs, to communicate, and to understand the implications of the disease process and plan of therapy. Activities of value in assisting the patient to increase communication included coordinating verbal communication with the use of objects and activities in the environment; reflecting the patient's attempts to verbalize; pronouncing words for the patient; encouraging expression of feelings; and verbalizing feelings which the nurse surmised the patient experienced. Activities which were of value in assisting the patient to care for her physical needs included the administration of immediate physical assistance; demonstration of activities; offering assistance to the patient; and suggesting an activity or approach to a problem. Activities which were of value in assisting patients to develop an increased understanding of the implications of the disease process and plan of therapy were providing the patient with factual information; offering assistance; and suggesting an activity.
dc.titleAn Identification of Nursing Activities of Value in Assisting the Aphasic Patient to Develop Increased Self Dependencyen_US
dc.contributor.advisorHosfeld, Carol M.
dc.description.urinameFull Texten_US

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