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      Haifa Project: Global interprofessional health program in Haifa, Israel: 2014-2017 [1]
      Health as a Human Right in the United States: What COVID-19 Has Exposed [1]
      Health Learning Parties [1]
      Health System Strengthening in The Gambia: A Continuation of Prior Work [1]
      Improving West Baltimore Cardiovascular Health [1]
      Inspiring Students to Paint Their Own Futures [1]
      Jarrell Abuzz About Eastern Shore Efforts [1]
      Juneteenth Celebration at UMB's Community Engagement Center [1]
      Law Professors Address Legacy of Racism in Baltimore [1]
      Law students to teach middle schoolers about sex assault [1]
      Led by Medical Students, Project Feast Turns 30 [1]
      Lessons From Brazil to Benefit Baltimore [1]
      Making a Difference: Creating More Skillful Educators and Students, and More Peaceful Schools Through Conflict Resolution Education: The Maryland Schools Conflict Resolution Grants Program [1]
      Making a Global Health Home for Faculty and Students on an Interprofessional Campus: The Example of University of Maryland Baltimore's Center for Global Education Initiatives [1]
      Making Connections: Student and Community Participatory Research in Southwest Baltimore [1]
      Making the Global to Local Link in Academia: Concept and Models (Adams) [1]
      Making the Global to Local Link in Academia: Concepts and Models (Rowthorn) [1]
      Malawi Project 2010-2013 [1]
      Mayor Promotes UMB’s ‘Live Near Your Work’ [1]
      Mentor Mothers’ Willingness to Engage Male Partners and Screen for Domestic Violence among HIV-Positive Women in Rural Nigeria [1]