• Center for Global Education Project: Malawi 2010-2013

      University of Maryland, Baltimore (2013)
    • Center for Global Education Project: Rwanda 2018

      Injection drug use (IDU) was one of the earliest risk factors identified for acquisition of HIV infection...This project was designed around an interprofessional and cross-cultural student collaboration to assess an important social/behavioral risk for HIV acquisition. Since there is very little work in the space of IDU in sub-Saharan Africa, it required heightened sensitivity among the students to work within the medical/social/behavioral context in a foreign country. Addressing people who inject drugs requires multidisciplinary collaboration across various professions, including medical, nursing, social, pharmacologic, and legal.
    • Center for Global Education Project: The Gambia 2018

      The purpose of this visit was to work together with several Gambian partners, including the University of the Gambia (UTG) School of Medicine and Allied Health Services (SMAHS) and the Gambian Ministry of Health (MoH), to advance previously identified collaborative goals to build resiliency in the Gambian health system.