• President's White Paper Project: Implementing Core Values

      Abdi, Jamaad; Bhatt, Meghna; Gettas, Marina; Harriot, Anicca; Kambouris, Adrienne; Marks, Nina (2020)
      Accountability, civility, collaboration, diversity, excellence, leadership, and knowledge are the core values that guide all policies, practices, and procedures within the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB). UMB is unique in that it consists of seven schools functioning as one university. When we came together, seven students representing each of the schools within UMB, our charge was to evaluate how our respective schools, and the university at large, institutionalize all seven of the established core values. Drawing on each of our unique backgrounds, we examined how UMB integrates the core values across each of the seven schools to embody its motto of “Seven schools, one university”. As a result of this assessment, we were asked to provide actionable recommendations that continue to prioritize UMB’s core values.