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      Letter from Marilyn Goldwater thanking Florence Kendall for her support of State of Maryland House Bill 469 1980 [1]
      Letter from the Maryland Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association opposing State of Maryland House Bill 569 1971 [1]
      Letters of invitation to present at a hearing on physical therapy to members of the Legislative Council of Maryland, Wednesday January 16, 1946 [1]
      Letters of opposition to Maryland State House Bills 63 and 70 of 1952 [1]
      Letters related to Senate Bill 1615 regarding physical therapists in the military [1]
      Letters relating to American Physiotherapy Association business 1941- 1943 [1]
      Letters to the Medical & Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland on legislation for physical therapists in Maryland 1947 [1]
      List of Baltimore City members of the Maryland Legislature approximately from 1946 [1]
      List of Boards of Medical Examiners in the US, date unknown and document on the California Board of Medical Examiners 1937 [1]
      List of Schools and Courses of Physical Therapy Approved by the Administrator of Veterans Affairs 1917-1928 [1]
      Maryland State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners proposed amendments to State of Maryland House Bill 346 with letters of support and opposition 1979 [1]
      Maryland State House Bill 486 of Article 43 of Maryland Code 1949 [1]
      Maryland State House Bills and Laws relating to chiropractic therapy and related documents 1967 [1]
      "Medical Supervision of Physical Therapy," in the August 1953 Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Official Journal and related document [1]
      Medicare physical therapy benefits, coverage, and fees 1966-1973 [1]
      Memorandum on Physical Therapy Act [1]
      Notes on amendments to House Bill 874 1967 [1]
      Notes on Physical Therapy by Maryland State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners, reprinted from Maryland State Medical Journal 1952 [1]
      Pamphlet and correspondence relating to the Maryland State Physical Therapy Society 1947 [1]
      Questions and Answers Regarding the Profession of Physical Therapy [1]