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      Heterogeneity in Comorbidity between Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder and its Clinical Consequences [1]
      A history of the first 50 years of the University of Maryland School of Social Work (Baltimore) [1]
      Impact of South American heroin on the US heroin market 1993-2004 [1]
      Infusing a political perspective into baccalaureate social work education [1]
      Linking Heroin Price and Heroin Overdose [1]
      Longitudinal Outcomes for Community Mental Health System Clients Diagnosed with Schizophrenia [1]
      Multilevel Analysis of the Relationship between Maternal Depression and Medication Adherence in Urban, African-American Children with High-Risk Asthma [1]
      Parenting Programs for Children 0-8: What is the Evidence and What Seem to be the Common Components? [1]
      Parenting Programs for Children Birth-8: What is the Evidence and What Seem to be the Common Components? [1]
      PATIENTS Day 2019: What Motivates People with Substance Use Disorders to Pursue Treatment? A Patient-Centered Approach to Understanding Patient Experiences and Patient-Provider Interactions [1]
      Remembering My First Year at the University of Maryland School of Social Work [1]
      Remembering My First Year at UMDSSW [1]
      Rethinking Social Work's Interpretation of 'Environmental Justice': From Local to Global [1]
      Rethinking the purposes & content of international social work for BSW students [1]
      The Rise of Evangelicalism & the Global Economy: Implications for Social Work Practice with Latinos [1]
      Sleep and ADHD: Incorporating Research into Clinical Practice (A Rapid Systematic Review of the Literature) [1]
      Social Work Practice, Research, and Education with Latinos: Protestantism & Globalization [1]
      Trends in Opiate-Related Overdose Admissions in a Nationally Representative Sample of US Hospitals: 1993-2007 [1]
      Walter P. Carter: Civil Rights as a Field of Practice [1]
      What is the Common Elements Approach? [1]