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      10-Step: Mapping and Resourcing Patient and Stakeholder Engagement in PCOR [1]
      Admission and Other Data as NAPLEX and MPJE Performance Determinants [1]
      Alcohol Content in Pediatric Liquid Formulations [1]
      Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences: An Innovative, Interdisciplinary Approach to Educating Both Students and Faculty [1]
      Assessing Student Viewing Behaviors for Online Lectures and its Impact on Student Examination Performance [1]
      An Assessment of the role of patient satisfaction in early retention in HIV care among patients receiving antiretroviral therapy in outpatient treatment settings in Nigeria [1]
      Building a Legacy for Tomorrow: A Collaboration Model to Support Robust Digital Archives [1]
      Building Community: The Case for a Transparent and Inclusive Website Redesign Process [1]
      Building Partnerships: A Model for Collaborative Textbook Purchasing [1]
      Buprenorphine for the Treatment of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome [1]
      Cartography 2.0 – Re-Mapping Skills Across the Curriculum [1]
      Characterization of Tubular Functional Capacity in Humans Using Para-aminohippurate and Famotidine [1]
      Clinical evaluation of natalizumab for formulary consideration [1]
      Collaborative Effort to Prioritize Compounded Pediatric Formulations for USP Monograph Development [1]
      Community Pharmacists’ Knowledge of Codeine Use in Children [1]
      Comparing Medication Palatability and Flavoring Knowledge of Healthcare Professional Students [1]
      Comparison of Iothalamate Clearance Methods for Measuring GFR [1]
      Confidence and Self-Perceived Readiness for Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences by Student Year [1]
      Controversies in Assessing Kidney Function [1]
      Cost-Benefit Analysis of Bedside Delivery Service from a Health-System Perspective [1]