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      School of Pharmacy Catalog 2016-2018 [1]
      School of Pharmacy Catalog 2019: Master of Science (MS) in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics [1]
      School of Pharmacy Supplemental Catalog 1993-1994 [1]
      Scopolamine Hydrobromide: Summary Report [1]
      The sense of coherence factor as a predictor of pharmacy school grade point average [1]
      A Short History of the Maryland College of Pharmacy (1841-1894) by Charles Schmidt, and, The Maryland College of Pharmacy and the School of Pharmacy, University of Maryland (1895-1946) by B. Olive Cole [1]
      A Simple and Effective Programmatic Assessment Process for Continuous Quality Improvement [1]
      Simultaneous determination of p-aminohippuric acid, acetyl-paminohippuric acid and iothalamate in human plasma and urine by high-performance liquid chromatography [1]
      Sodium L-Aspartate Monohydrate: Summary Report [1]
      Sodium Selenite Pentahydrate [1]
      SOP Partners with Million Hearts to Celebrate American Heart Month [2]
      SOP Students Kick-Off American Heart Month with Public Education Campaign [1]
      Speeding new antibiotics to market: a fake fix? [1]
      Spreading the Henry Ford Flexible Patient Engagement Model to the Mental Health Research Network [1]
      Squaric Acid Dibutyl Ester: Summary Report [1]
      Statins for primary prevention: what is the regulator’s role? [1]
      Stereoselective and nonstereoselective assay methods for metoprolol and its metabolites and their application to the evaluation of the influence of input rate on the metabolism and pharmacokinetics of metoprolol in humans [1]
      Stoneman Douglas Grad Leads Anti-Gun Violence Rally [1]
      Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis in Intensive Care Units: Use, Benefit and Risk [1]
      Structural and dynamic properties of hemeproteins that control electroreactivity [1]