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      Inhibitor and Substrate Requirements of Sodium Taurocholate Cotransporting Polypeptide and Its Application to Liver Targeting [1]
      Innovation in the Open: Changing the Innovation in Teaching Award Process to Foster Innovation Discovery [1]
      Innovation of Vancomycin Treatment in Neonates Via A Bayesian Dose Optimization Toolkit For Adaptive Individualized Therapeutic Management [1]
      Inositol: Summary Report [1]
      Integrace's Neurocognitive Solution Exhibit: a Community-based Engagement Pilot [1]
      Integrated Drug Reviews at the US Food and Drug Administration-Legal Concerns and Knowledge Lost. [1]
      Integrated Drug Reviews at the US Food and Drug Administration-Reply [1]
      Integrating multiple data sources (MUDS) for meta-analysis to improve patient-centered outcomes research: a protocol for a systematic review [1]
      Integrating Virtual Case-Based Activities into Online Courses [1]
      Interactions between dynorphin A-(1--13) and morphine: In vivo effects on EEG, in vitro effects on tritium-morphine binding, and correlations between them in naive and morphine tolerant rats [1]
      Interactive effects of MK-801 and morphine on EEG, EEG power spectra and behavior in rats: Acute, tolerance and dependence studies [1]
      Investigation of mechanisms for enhancing the solubility and dissolution rate of drugs which form slightly soluble salts [1]
      Investigation of sigma and dextromethorphan-like neuroprotection using glutamate-induced LDH release, cellular morphology and dynamic calcium signaling [1]
      Investigation of the conformational change in a polyanhydride system and its effect on drug delivery [1]
      Involvement of immune system mediators in exercise-mediated changes of hepatic cytochromes P450 [1]
      Iodoform: Summary Report [1]
      Iron-Regulated Production of Antimicrobial Metabolites by Pseudomonas aeruginosa [1]
      Is this trial misreported? Truth seeking in the burgeoning age of trial transparency [1]
      Itraconazole-HPMCAS amorphous spray dried dispersions: composition and process factors impacting performance [1]
      Kappa-opioid induced regulation of mu-opioid mediated effects on EEG power spectra and behavior in rats [1]