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      Evaluation of skin tape stripping in healthy human volunteers as a methodology for quantifying local drug bioavailability from dermal products [1]
      Evaluation of the Equivalency of Generic Drugs [1]
      Evaluation of the functional equivalence of different sources of super disintegrants in pharmaceutical tablets [1]
      The evaluation of the metabolism of N-methylspiperone and its effect on kinetic and receptor binding parameter estimation [1]
      Evaluation of the prevalence of delirium in a pediatric intensive care unit and the medications administered on delirium positive days [1]
      Evaluation of the Use of Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose acetate succinate (HPMCAS) in Enteric Coating of Tablets and Solubility Enhancement of BCS Class II Compounds [1]
      The Evaluation Team Report of the Professional Program Leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree November 27-29, 2012 [1]
      Evaluations of a human kidney (HK2 cells) model for drug-induced cytotoxicity and BK virus infection [1]
      The evidence base for new drugs [1]
      Evidence for a Patient-Informed Approach to Value Assessment of Major Depressive Disorder Treatments [1]
      An examination of an on-line prospective drug use review system and the dispensing decisions of pharmacists [1]
      An examination of the short-run relationship between blood pressure and physician utilization among hypertensive patients [1]
      An examination of the theory of reasoned action and pharmacists' intention to provide medication counseling [1]
      Examining Impact of Educational Program for Interprofessional Students Partnering to Achieve Respect & Collaboration in Teams [1]
      Excipient Screening and Spray Drying Process Optimization of Cell-based and Protein-based Biologics with Feasibility Demonstration of Oral Delivery [1]
      Exercise-induced inhibition of hepatic drug metabolism and a mechanism for decreased activity of P450IIE1 in Fischer-344 rats [1]
      Expanding the Use of FPOP for In Vitro and In Cell Studies [1]
      Experiential Learning Program (ELP) Preceptor Orientation/Training Policies and Proceedures Manual [1]
      Exploiting Vulnerabilities in Cancers with Activated Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase (ERK1/2) [1]
      Exploring Protein Dynamics and Folding with Constant pH Molecular Dynamics Simulations [1]