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      Effects of Self-Efficacy and Heatlh Literacy on Adherence to Self-Care Behaviors in Kidney Transplant Patients [1]
      Effects of Static Growth on P. aeruginosa Iron Homeostasis and Virulence [1]
      Effects of Static Growth on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Iron Homeostasis and Virulence [1]
      Effervescent Aerosols: A Novel Formulation Technology for Solution and Suspension-type Metered Dose Inhalers [1]
      Efficacy of Flavored Lubricating Spray on Medication Swallowing in Older Adults [1]
      EFPIA-PhRMA's principles for clinical trial data sharing have been misunderstood [1]
      The EHR Crossroads: Selecting an Electronic Health Records System in an Interprofessional Environment [1]
      Electron paramagnetic resonance/spin trapping detection and mechanism of human neutrophil hydroxyl radical generation [1]
      Elucidating structural requirements of bile acid transporters: prodrug design for oral delivery [1]
      Elucidation of the nature of the plug formation process and its implications in a dosing disk machine using an instrumented Hofliger Karg GKF 330 capsule filling machine [1]
      The elusive definition of pandemic influenza [1]
      EMA recommendation on hydroxyethyl starch solutions obscured controversy [1]
      EMA scales back transparency initiatives because of workload [1]
      An empirical investigation of practical reasoning in the construction of beliefs regarding medication by arthritis patients [1]
      Enalapril maleate: Summary Report [1]
      The End of the Pandemic Will Not Be Televised [1]
      Ensuring Quality in Online Graduate Education Using the Quality Matters Rubric [1]
      Ensuring safe and effective drugs: who can do what it takes? [1]
      An epidemiologic evaluation of hospitalizations of elderly Medicare beneficiaries due to adverse reactions to anticoagulant therapy using claims data [1]
      Epidemiology and outcomes of depression following cardiovascular events in elderly Medicare beneficiaries [1]