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      Gastroenterologists prescribing of infliximab for Crohn's disease: A national survey [1]
      Glycolic Acid: Summary Report [1]
      A Graduation CAPP: Automated Graduation Course Auditing for Pharmacy Programs [1]
      Graduation Convocation [1]
      Grand Opening, Pharmacy Hall Addition : Expertise, Influence, Impact [Brochure] [1]
      H. pylori NikR: a new nickel regulatory protein [1]
      Health Insurance Status and Unmet Medical Needs Among Injured Children: A Population-Based Study [1]
      Help Wanted: Commentary on Trends in the Pharmacist Workforce and Pharmacy Education [1]
      Historical Clinicalpathological Investigation [1]
      Homecoming and All Alumni Reunion [1]
      How PharmD Students Perceive and Reflect on Direct and Sometimes Uncomfortable Conversations About Professionalism [1]
      Human Resources Management and Best Practices for the Department Administrator [1]
      Hydroquinone: Summary Report [1]
      Hydroxocobalamin Hydrochloride: Summary Report [1]
      Identification and Characterization of GTP-binding Inhibitors of LRRK2 [1]
      Identification and characterization of tissue-specific alternative promoter usage for Bcrp1/Abcg2 in mice for establishing a murine in vivo model of dietary transcriptional regulation of human small intestinal BCRP/ABCG2 expression [1]
      Identification of Drugs of Abuse as Modulators of Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes through Nuclear Receptor-Mediated Mechanisms [1]
      Identification of potential compounds that selectively inhibit ERK-substrate interactions [1]
      Identification of proteins that interact with Escherichia coli DNA topoisomerase III in vivo [1]
      Impact of Beneficiary Characteristics, Drug Plan Formulary Policies, and Environmental Factors on Medication Adherence among Low Income Beneficiaries Covered by Medicare Part D [1]